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    Modern Superhero Boys Bedroom Makeover: One Room Challenge Week 6 REVEAL

    Welcome to Week SIX of the Boys Bedroom Makeover REVEAL!!! Now that we are here, it feels like it’s flown by, but trust me when I say there were many times during this renovation where it felt like time stood still! While this wasn’t a gut job renovation like our last two makeovers: powder room and laundry room, there were still A LOT of design elements that needed to be built, painted, and pieced together for this room to be completed!

    If this is your first week here, let’s catch you up first on what we’ve been doing. For starters, this six week renovation has been part of the One Room Challenge! Here is what you may have missed: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5. 

    Before we share with you the finished space, let’s remember what the room used to look like. Not a crazy, awful “BEFORE” as the room was very neutral and we had used beds/bedding from our previous boys room renovation. 

    Here was the design board that I put together for our modern superhero theme:


    Ladies and Gentleman, I’m SUPER excited to share with you our new modern superhero themed boys bedroom!

    I can’t even express to you how THRILLED we are with how it all turned out! Might be one of my favourite makeovers we’ve ever done! 

    I will say that both boys were rather hesitant when I suggested a modern superhero themed, which surprised me. Both of them LOVE superhero movies and comics – they have always been in characters like Spiderman, Batman, Hulk. But both of them seemed to be somewhat uninterested in this as a bedroom theme. 

    But I’m glad to report that they have not stopped thanking me today since we finally revealed the room to them! They LOVE it! The reason I really wanted a superhero theme was two-fold – 1. It’s timeless. I felt like if I did what they wanted (dinosaurs or Lego), they would have outgrown that in a few years. But no one outgrows superheroes! Even my hubby was loving all the superhero swag I kept coming home with as an almost 40 year old man! Secondly, I knew we wanted to do a climbing wall and I kept trying to think of how it could be incorporated into the overall design – not just some random wall. Then I thought of a cityscape and it all clicked – we would make the climbing wall out of a cityscape, so it was like the boys were scaling the buildings when climbing – JUST LIKE SUPERHEROES DO! 

    It was set!

    We knew that they boys both practically needed and wanted loft beds. They wanted a space to work at a desk as well as a space to lounge.

    We did run into a little bit of trouble when we realized that the loft beds weren’t reversible (we thought we’d be able to mirror image them), so that did change our design somewhat last minute. But in the end, it allowed for a “chill zone” as the boys have dubbed it, under one of their beds, which they absolutely LOVE! It never ceases to amaze me how “mistakes” in our design plans can turn into even beautiful outcomes. It often forces you to think outside the box and come up with even better designs!


    The boys especially love how it looks with the lights off in the chill zone!

    Speaking of lights, I don’t think I’ve ever put SO MANY LIGHTS in one room before! We changed out the flushmount ceiling light, we added two reading lamps by their heads on the loft beds, we put all the twinkle lights under the loft bed, there’s a desk lamp and last but certainly NOT least is the SYMFONISK table lamp and Wifi speaker from IKEA. We were so blessed to have partnered with IKEA on this room, from the loft beds and desk to all the bedding and mattresses to this lamp! IKEA has always held a very special place in our hearts and our home is filled with products from there! But this lamp/speaker duo is unlike any lamp or speaker I’ve ever seen. I actually told hubby last night that I think after the reveal is finished, I’m taking the lamp into MY room! I love it THAT much! Not only is it super sleek in design (even the knob to turn the lamp on is sleek), the speaker is hands down one of the best speakers we’ve ever had. We’ve spent A LOT of money on portable speakers that connect with Bluetooth in our home and there’s always been issues – either from not connecting properly to having to recharge the speaker all the time to just not great quality sound. The Sonos speaker in this lamp delivers one of the best sounds we’ve ever heard for such a small speaker. It also connects right to your Wifi, meaning that after you’ve done the initial set-up in your home, it’s good to go! No more waiting to pair it with the Bluetooth – just select it on your device and your music will instantly sync! I LOVE IT and couldn’t recommend it more!


    We love all the vintage and modern superhero paraphernalia we were able to find and add to the room. While I didn’t want it over the top superhero, I also didn’t want anyone to mistake that this was in fact a superhero bedroom! I love the signs that I found at HomeSense for above their beds that say “Superhero.” The set of six picture above the dresser came from Hobby Lobby. The rest of the toys and masks were actually mostly thrifted or leftover costumes from Halloween! The mask wall was a last minute idea where we used 3M hooks to hold them on the wall so the boys can have their pick which superhero they want to be before they scale those skyscrapers!


    We also partnered with Valspar Paints for this room renovation and we absolutely love how the paint and feature walls turned out. The colours were so rich and the paint went on very smoothly. If you remember back to Week 3, we painted the feature wall, however it looked different than it does now. While we absolutely loved the triangular looking shapes on the original iteration of this wall, once we got the very square and rectangle shaped bed and dresser against it, it just didn’t work. But Chris INSISTED on keeping with the similar colour story, and so he just modified the lines. It took a bit of sanding and a few coats to cover it up, but we love how it all turned out!

    Finally, we have our now beloved climbing wall, which we shared about on Week 5. When I first put the idea out to Chris, I had no clue if he could actually build it. But boy did he ever! I love the skyline shape and I love the three dimensional aspects to it, giving the wall lots of depth and more interest for climbing. The kids absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it and we have now become know as “the house with the Toronto climbing wall!” And I don’t mind that one bit!

    Well, that’s it for this modern superhero boys bedroom makeover! We hope you love it as much as we do and we hope you are inspired to try and create a fun and engaging space for your children to play in your home!

    For now, Batman is sure tired after all that building and needs his beauty rest before the next project starts!


    Love & Blessings,



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