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    Modern Superhero Boys Bedroom Makeover: One Room Challenge Week 1

    It’s that time of year again where we roll up our sleeves, pull out the paint trays and get to work renovating one space in our home for the next six weeks! Yup, it’s One Room Challenge time! 

    If you are new here, the One Room Challenge is an online challenge that happens twice a year – Fall and Spring – where bloggers and designers makeover one room in their home for six weeks and post the weekly progress online for all to follow.

    This will be our SIXTH One Room Challenge, which is hard to believe. Here’s a list of the last five we’ve done, if you want to go back and look through them:

    The Boys Room | Master Bedroom | Living Room | Laundry Room | Powder Room

    We are SO excited to finally be tackling our boys room (again) in our new home. Since we moved in last August, we did two renovations – the laundry room and powder room – which were both SMALL but MIGHTY renovations. Both rooms are the smallest in our home, yet because we gutted them, they both took A LOT of effort to complete, especially in a six week timeframe. 

    So that meant that just about every other room was put on hold. Most of our rooms still don’t even have pictures hung in them, let alone fresh paint on the walls (which is very UNLIKE me when I move into a new space). It’s funny because all three kids have asked when I was going to makeover their rooms – I think they got spoiled in the last home with the renovations we did for them (we also did my daughter’s room, which wasn’t part of a One Room Challenge yet was still one of my most favourite makeovers!)

    Our boys have arguably one of the largest rooms in our home. If you were to minus the little addition in our master bedroom that acts as a spare closet, the boys room is actually larger than ours! It’s shaped like a square box with one window in the middle of the back wall. So there’s LOADS of potential. We will bring you the BEFORE shots next week, but today, I wanted to share with you our inspiration for the design!

    This time around, we are going with a modern superhero theme. We incorporated quite a bit of yellow into their room last time, even painting their bed frames yellow (which felt SO risqué to me then) and three years later, I STILL love the yellow pops in their room. So I knew I wanted to keep that colour in, but wanted a bit more clean black and white vibe. I started being inspired by lots of Scandinavian styles, which is a look I’ve never really done before and so this look will really marry the two styles of modern and Scandinavian all together!


    One of the biggest (and most exciting) features we are going to be doing in this room will be a rock climbing wall! YUP! You read that right! Our boys are total monkeys and love to climb EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. It’s not surprising for them to climb on top of the fridge to hide or up our apple tree in the backyard to get a better view of the road! So we thought why not create something fun in their room that will encourage them to get active and have fun inside, all year long! We definitely have something really exciting planned for it – it won’t just be your average climbing wall, there’s definitely going to be a superhero twist to it! I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

    Finally, when it came to what “thing” to focus the theme around, we went back and forth between a few different ideas. The problem is that neither boy really like the same things – one is into dinosaurs and the other into minecraft. But the one thing they can both agree on are superhero’s. They are both loving the Marvel movies right now, and so we figured doing a classic superhero theme wouldn’t go out of style with these two!

    Well friends, I can’t WAIT for you to journey with us over these next six weeks and see this space come to LIFE! Stay tuned!

    Love & Blessings,


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