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    Modern Superhero Boys Room Makeover: One Room Challenge Week 4

    Welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge where we are making over our boys room into a modern superhero themed bedroom! If you missed the last few weeks, you can get caught up here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3. 

    As with any home renovation project, we’ve had a few setbacks as well as some challenges we’ve needed to overcome. Often times when designing a room online (many times without seeing products in person), things often seem one way until the products arrive or the paint goes on the wall and then you realize, it’s not quite how you imagined it would be.

    If you follow along on my Instagram stories, you will know that last week, we faced a number of challenges when painting and setting up the boys beds. While it did throw me for a real loop, I’m always up for a good design challenge. So Chris and I (along with my mother-in-law and a couple of friends) all put our heads together to figure out what the best layout for the beds would be as subsequently, the best approach for the feature wall. Yes, we DID end up repainting the wall, which you can catch a glimpse of in these pictures today (but you’ll have to wait until the final reveal to see it all).


    For today’s update, we are excited to share about our bed solutions, thanks to our friends over at IKEA Canada! Like many other Canadians, we have always been big fans of Ikea and many items in our home come from there. We’ve actually partnered up with them before on the blog and social channels to make over a few other spaces like our guest room and kids bathroom

    And while I’ve bought lots of bedding, pillows and throws there in the past, I’ve never actually considered IKEA as a destination for complete sleep solutions. We are talking everything from the mattress to the various duvets that are designed for either hot or cold sleepers and so on. Ikea knows how fundamental a good nights sleep is, especially for littles ones and that’s why I’m so excited to share the different sleep solutions we came up for each boy in this space!

    The starting point for our bedroom makeover was actually finding the loft beds. We knew that the boys wanted multiple spaces in their room that allowed them places to play, to hang out and the sleep. So when we discovered the STUVA/FRITIDS loft bed/desk combination, we knew it was perfect! We loved that we could customize the colour (the are multiple colour options to suit your needs) and we loved that we could customize the drawers and position the desk multiple ways. 

    The next step was the mattress – the foundational piece for any good nights rest. I’ll be honest, our boys really didn’t love their previous mattresses. They were memory foam and while I liked sleeping on them, the boys found them too firm. In the words of my five year old, they weren’t “jumpy enough.” So we found the HAUGESUND mattresses for the boys at IKEA – the have pocket springs that act independently to follow the contours and movements of the body. The boys IMMEDIATELY loved them! It’s also great that all Ikea mattresses are air vacuumed which eliminate odours and can be used immediately once they are opened. 

    True story – since sleeping on these new mattresses, they boys almost never come into our bed at night anymore. This was happening constantly with the old mattresses but now, they actually sleep WELL! Thank you IKEA! 

    Next up was the bedding. One of the things I discovered in working with IKEA is that they have different duvets based on individuals sleep needs. This was actually something I never really considered before, but was the PERFECT solution for our boys because one son runs REALLY hot while he sleeps while the other is ALWAYS freezing. 

    So for the warmer one, we got him the SOTVEDEL duvet, which is made with a box stitch pattern to allow air to move more freely, keeping you cooler at night. For the son who is often cold at night, we got him the HONSBAR duvet, which is made specifically to add extra warmth while sleeping. I love that IKEA has these options so that both boys can be comfortable while sleeping in their own beds!

    The rest of the bedding all comes from IKEA as well, here’s a complete list:

    Duvet Cover: SKUGGBRACKA
    Sheets: DVALA
    Pillows: AXAG
    Small Cushion: GURLI
    Large Cushion: FJADRAR
    Throw Blanket: VAGMALLA

    Well there’s our Week 4 update for the One Room Challenge! We can FINALLY see the room starting to come together! We want to thank IKEA for partnering with us on this room, we absolutely love how it’s all coming together!

    Stay tuned for Week 5 next week as we build an incredible feature wall that every kid will want In their bedrooms!

    Love & Blessings,


    Note: This post was sponsored by IKEA where I have received product and/or compensation for my honest review. As always, thoughts and opinions are all my own. 



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