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    Surviving Winter and the Flu Season

    This post was sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Winter is my least favourite season for many reasons. I think the most obvious one is because it’s cold. While there are lots of great outdoor activities that can be done during the winter such as skiing, skating, snowshoeing and more, it still all means being out in the cold! Brrrr!!! The second reason I don’t fancy winter is very much tied into the…

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    Dinner / Food

    Simple Sun Dried Tomato Cannelloni

    I have a confession to make: I don’t enjoy cooking. Yikes…there it is! I said it. It was time I came clean and admitted it for the world to know that I just don’t like to cook. Now, let…

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    Matching Family Christmas Pajama’s

    Over the last few years, we’ve really seen matching family pajama’s become such a huge trend in families with young children. I’m going to venture a guess that it’s largely thanks to social media platforms like Instagram that has…