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    Birthdays On Demand with Netflix

    So, before I had three kids and a full time job (yes, this blog is my full time job), I was planning all kinds of crazy birthdays. My daughters second birthday was still hands down the craziest that I’ve ever worked before hand, making sure every single detail of that Yo Gabba Gabba party was perfect. I’m pretty sure my brother-in-law still holds it against me how much I made him work when he arrived into town the night before the party! HA! 

    There was my middle son’s Moustache Bash, then his Thomas the Train birthday, my daughter’s Frozen party, not to be overshadowed by her Barbie Rockstar birthday. Then our third child came around and we were EXHAUSTED! We threw him a Geometric Aztec themed first birthday, a Paw Patrol second birthday and by the third, I could barely do it anymore and yet still managed to pull together a somewhat less crazy dinosaur party this past March. 

    This last year I’ve just found myself so utterly exhausted with the never-ending to-do lists and throwing elaborate parties three times a year is just not in me (at the moment). 

    For my daughters birthday this past Spring, we took her and three of her closest friends to the aquarium and out for lunch. It was simple and it meant ZERO work for me, other than hanging out at the aquarium with four kids! 

    My middle son’s birthday falls in August and so we’ve always had a hard time pulling together his school friends or really any friends for that matter as often times people are away on vacation. This year, we happened to be away while he celebrated his birthday so we did something small where we were and truthfully, he was totally satisfied!

    Once we returned home, I had a little something extra planned for him as a surprise! You see Netflix has recently launched their birthday featurettes, featuring 14 of your kids favorite shows! There is everyone from the Beat Bugs to My Little Pony to my sons favorite, Ninjago. These are literally the cutest two to three minute clips of the characters singing Happy Birthday to your child! When your kid is obsessed with a certain character, there’s not much cooler than THAT!

    As much as all the birthday fanfare is fun and beautiful and so Instagramable, having something simple and sweet like these Netflix birthday wishes for your child is honestly pretty special. It really helps alleviate the pressure to make sure your child’s birthday is extra-ordinary and for that reason, I am a HUGE fan! 

    So make sure to sign into your Netflix account and simply search “Happy Birthday” and see all the fabulous birthday wishes just waiting for your child’s next big day! 

    Love & Blessings,




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