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    Boys Room Makeover: One Room Challenge Week 1

    Boys Room One Makeover Room Challenge

    Last week, I shared with you all my inspiration for our boys room remodel. This week, I wanted to continue to share the journey of the makeover by introducing you to what the boys space has looked like for the last two years. What it looked like BEFORE we started painting walls and beds and sourcing fabrics and so on.  And let me tell you, it looked like NOTHING special whatsoever and that’s why it was finally time to change it up!

    Boys Room One Makeover Room Challenge

    When we moved into this home two years ago, we had a brand new baby boy and it was the first time he was going to be sharing his room with his older brother. In our previous home, we had done our middle child’s room in a neutral black, gray and yellow bird theme

    Boys Room One Makeover Room ChallengeBut when we moved into our current home, I didn’t have a design concept for their new space. And so we just left the walls bare and everything was mis-matched. To be honest, their room gave me anxiety because of how non-designed it was. In fact, after my son’s Thomas the Train birthday party, we ended up taking all of the train posters and putting them on their walls, just to add SOMETHING to their room. 

    Boys Room One Makeover Room ChallengeAlthough we were able to select many design features in our brand new home, paint color was NOT one of them. For whatever reason, our builder was in love with this watered down, butter yellow color and that is unfortunately the paint color that is in our ENTIRE HOUSE! As we paint room by room, I am relieved to slowly be seeing less and less of that awful color. 

    Boys Room One Makeover Room Challenge

    The plan for their beds was always to do bunks, as soon as our baby was old enough. In the meantime, a crib and the Ikea loft bed seemed like the most practical choices (the loft bed mainly so that they could have room to play under the bed space). I will let you in a secret: we didn’t actually end up going with bunk beds…but you will have to wait til the end to see the big reveal!

    So to break it down, the plan is simple: make the room cool, hip and a functional space for two growing boys. Paint the walls, add in some texture and interest (with lines and decals), new beds (that will need to be painted), new linens, painted dressers and updated lighting! A lot of work for sure, but I KNOW that the end result will be worth the work!

    Boys Room One Makeover Room Challenge
    With that said, I wanted to let you know that I am participating in Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge with this boys room makeover. It’s a design challenge that has been going on for a few years, where bloggers and designers renovate one space in six weeks and share the updates along the way. So every Thursday, for the next six weeks, I will be walking you through our renovation process until we get to the final reveal! 

    ORCSo join me for the next six weeks as I transform this space and share with you all the details!

    Love & Blessings,




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