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  • Decor / Nurseries

    Boys Room Makeover (Week 3)

    Welcome to week three of our boys room makeover. For the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing the beginning details of their new room design. If you’ve missed it, you can catch up here, here and here. Last week…

  • boys room makeover
    Decor / DIY / Nurseries

    Boys Room Makeover (Week 2)

    If you haven’t already heard, we are updating our boys’ room. Two weeks ago, I shared all about our inspiration for this room and last week, I introduced you to the room, in its original state (one word: YIKES).  This…

  • Boys Room One Makeover Room Challenge
    Decor / DIY / Nurseries

    The Boys Room Makeover

    Last week, I shared with you all my inspiration for our boys room remodel. This week, I wanted to continue to share the journey of the makeover by introducing you to what the boys space has looked like for the…