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    Getting the Family Talking with Netflix

    If you’ve been around this blog long enough you know that my kids DO get screen time.


    I know, I’m not winning any “Mom of the Year” awards with that confession. But to be totally honest, even though my kids DO watch TV and iPads, I still feel like our kids are super well rounded, that are able to interact and play with each other and others, outside of the screen.

    And here’s why: not only are we pretty selective about what they do and don’t watch, we also make sure to have conversations around what they are watching.

    I think part of the problem comes in when kids are just given the ability to watch whatever they please and parents have no idea what kind of content they are consuming. 

    One of the things I enjoy about letting the kids watch Netflix is that I know most of the kids content is educating them in some way. Whether it’s direct through learning about words, songs, seasons, etc or indirect learning about life skills such as empathy, confidence and determination, Netflix kids shows are packed full of valuable lessons for your kids. Check out this cheat sheet that Netflix made as a parent’s guide to kids shows. 

    This is what makes it so important for you to get involved in the shows they are watching and ask them questions about it. Keeping that dialogue open with your children allows you to join in and connect with them on one of their favorite past times. 

    I’m sure you’ve heard of the new Netflix original show “13 Reasons Why”, right? While I haven’t watched it yet (and to be honest, I’m not totally sure that I will due to the sensitive subject matter), I’ve seen so many parents online talking about how it’s starting great dialogue between them and their teenagers. Have a look at this clip below!

    As parents, we know that it’s so important to be involved in your kids lives and I want to encourage you to make you are also involved in their TV time. Know what they are watching, learn about the shows and characters and what values they are teaching your kids. And talk about it with them. You never know what doors may open up during those times of conversations!

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