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    Motherhood Misconceptions: From Breastmilk to Shelf-stable Milk

    Note: This post was sponsored by Milk2Go. The thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Ever had misconceptions about something in life? I know I have. Plenty. In fact, many times where I think something is a certain way only to find out later it’s not at all like that. I think if we are all honest, we’ve all had moments.  I think one area especially that is filled with misconceptions is motherhood. There are loads of books out there…

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    Kids Snacks Made Affordable at FreshCo

    Brought to you by FreshCo and TheCo. If you are a mom with young kids like myself, I’m sure you’ve noticed their ferocious appetites where they can eat just about anything in sight, right?! This isn’t the first time…

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    Elevating Your Afternoon Snack with barkTHINS®

    To know me is to know that I’m a snacker. Pretty much all throughout the day, I would rather be found snacking on smaller things than feasting on three large meals. Especially as a busy mompreneur on-the-go, I find…