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Amidst the Chaos strives to be an online destination for Millennial and Gen-X families, around the country and around the world, seeking to provide inspiration, tips and personal anecdotes that encourage them to find beauty amidst the chaos of their everyday lives.

At Amidst the Chaos, we know and understand the value in building genuine brand partnerships. We love incorporating product reviews into our narrative in a genuine and authentic way. Telling a story is far more inspiring than just reviewing a product and at ATC, we know the power of great storytelling.

We would love to talk with you about how we can partner together to help bring about brand awareness through sponsored blog posts, social posts, video content, television appearances, giveaways, events and more. Let’s chat soon!

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Product Disclaimer:
We are often contacted by companies and brands to feature and review their products for our readers. We will get paid, in some form, for this review, whether it’s through monetary means or free product. This does not guarantee the company a positive review on the product. We want you to be able to trust us completely and will always give you our 100% honest feedback on the product/brand. 

Privacy Policy:
Amidst the Chaos does not share any of our reader information with third parties. Nor is any of your information about your visit to this blog stored other than for our personal use, to analyze and optimize your reading experience here. 

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Unless otherwise stated, I, Christine Martin of Amidst the Chaos am the legal copyright holder of all the content on this site and it may not be used, modified, reprinted or published without my written consent. If you are interested in re-publishing, printing or using any of the content from this blog, please email me and I’d be happy to discuss further.