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    65 Binge-Worthy Shows, Movies and Documentaries

    Since we are all spending A LOT more time inside during this coronavirus pandemic, it’s safe to say that many of us are taking up the hobby of binge-watching any and every show we can! But with so many TV and online network options, it can actually get really overwhelming to know which shows, movies and documentaries are the best binge-worthy shows to commit to!

    So I decided to poll my online community on Instagram and ask YOU guys what are YOUR favourite shows to watch and along with a few of my own personal suggestions, I wanted to share with you 65 of the best binge-worthy shows to help you get through this time of social distancing at home! While I won’t go into detail about what each show is about, I will include whether kind of show it is as well as what network you can find it on, just to help you out!

    One quick thing to note, most of these suggestions are on Netflix while some are on other various streaming platforms. But almost all of them are available for individual purchase on platforms like YouTube and Google Play. 



    65 Binge-Worthy Shows, Movies, and Documentaries 

    To kick off this list, I’m going to start with MY personal favourites and ones I’ve been binge-watching lately. Some of these were also ones that my community recommended as well!

    My Top Picks:

    1. Self Made: Limited Drama Series – Netflix
    Self-Made was a limited drama series that I took a chance on this past weekend and loved it! It’s a short binge-worthy watch, with only 4 episodes lasting 45 minutes long. It’s the story of the first self-made female millionaire in the US, and how she launched her hair care business that led her there!

    2. Schitt’s Creek: Comedy Series – Pop, CBC and Netflix 
    Schitt’s Creek, a Canadian sitcom,  isn’t a new show, but it’s one that has slowly gained more and more popularity. The premise is that a family suddenly finds them bankrupt and the only remaining asset that they have is a crappy, little town in the middle of nowhere named Schitt’s Creek. It’s absolutely hilarious!

    3. The Morning Show: Drama – Apple TV
    The Morning Show is a drama that is so close to real life yet it’s still a scripted series. It follows the lives of morning co-hosts that work for a morning television show during the real life Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein scandals. It’s a fascinating look inside how morning TV shows work. 

    4. Friends: Comedy Series – Netflix, Apple TV, YouTube, Google Play
    Friends obviously needs no introduction as it’s one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. With 10 seasons to the shows credit, this is one of those shows you can watch over and over and over again without tiring of it! While we have all 10 seasons on DVD, it’s been fun to just stream it from Netflix even while we are doing some renovations or house work to just listen to it (we’ve seen it so many times, we know many of the punch lines!)

    5. Parenthood: Drama – Prime Video, YouTube
    Parenthood is a six season drama that follows the lives of the Braveman family. I’d describe this show as the predecessor for This Is Us – just not quite as serious. It deals with real-life family issues in a way that makes the characters feel so relatable!

    6. The Two Popes: Film – Netflix 
    The Two Popes is a biographical, drama film that goes behind the walls of the Vatican and follows the transition from Pope Benedict to Pope Francis. It showcases their stark differences and how they have to find common ground in order to forge a way forward for the Catholic church. Whether you are religious or not, I think you will find this film fascinating and entertaining as you see two differing opinions merging together to form an unlikely friendship. 

    7. Love Is Blind: Reality – Netflix
    If you haven’t watched Love is Blind yet, what are you waiting for?! This reality, Netflix original show came out last month and absolutely EXPLODED! It’s a love experiment like no other: letting people date without seeing each other, while only being allowed to sit in “pods” to talk and get to know each other. The only way that they can see each other, is if they get to the point of a proposal – which they still have to do BEFORE seeing each other! After the proposals, the show follows the various couples that got engaged as they set to create a new life together and ultimately wed within 30 days! Not all will make it to the end – but some do and it’s an absolutely beautiful love story to watch!

    Top Followers Suggestions:

    I got so many amazing suggestions from my online community. But there seemed to be five that most people kept recommending! I haven’t watched all of these, so I’m not super familiar with them all, but will try to include a brief description (thanks to Wikipedia!)

    8. Ozark: Drama – Netflix 
    This was the number ONE show recommended by my online community as one of the best binge-worthy shows out there right now! It’s also the second most trending show on Netflix in Canada! While I haven’t watched it (and judging by the previews I don’t think it’s quite my speed), it seems to have to do with a family running away from Mexican drug lords as there’s been some bad money transactions between them. 

    9. Grey’s Anatomy: Drama – TV, Netflix, YouTube
    An ongiong medical drama series that currently still tapping in it’s 16th season. Following the lives of medical personnel from a hospital in Seattle, WA, you can watch the show live on TV or binge on previous seasons online!

    10. The Office: Comedy – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play
    The Office is another beloved sitcom by many people worldwide. It ran for nine seasons and is based on an interesting mix of characters that work together at a paper company. It’s known for quite its awkward humour and misadventures of its main characters. 

    11. Jane the Virgin: Drama – Netflix
    This was another popular suggestion from our community which makes me want to binge it as well! The premise is that Jane’s life turns upside down when she gets artificially inseminated with her bosses baby. This sounds wildly fascinating!

    12. Tiger King: Docu-Series – Netflix
    Well, if you haven’t heard about Tiger King these last few weeks, I’m going to have to ask you what rock you’re living under! Because it’s absolutely EXPLODED all over the interwebs! Just the memes alone are hilarious! Tiger King follows a few characters, mainly Joe Exotic, who runs a zoo for exotic animals. He has an arch nemesis named Carole Baskin, who is a treat all in herself. Every character seems like they’ve done something illegal and that’s all I’ll say about it as to not ruin anything for you! While I did watch it, I didn’t put it my top binge-worthy picks and that’s because while it was entertaining, I found it was a really hard watch for me. The subject matters were intense, there was a lot of lying, cheating, drugs, animal abuse, etc. So watch the previews for it and decide for yourself whether it’s a binge-worthy show you want to commit time to or not!

    Other Followers Suggestions:

    The rest of these came as other suggestions from my community. Many of these I’ve never even heard of, but I wanted to include them to give you ideas of shows that others have watched and recommended!

    13. Arrested Development: Comedy – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    14. The Circle: Reality – Netflix 

    15. Big Little Lies: Drama – HBO, YouTube, Google Play

    16. Gossip Girl: Romance – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    17. Parks and Recreation: Comedy – YouTube, Google Play

    18. Blue Bloods: Drama – CBS

    19. Breaking Bad: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    20. The Mandalorian: Action Fiction – Disney+

    21. Virgin River: Romance – Netflix 

    22. Doomsday Preppers: Reality – Netflix 

    23. Blacklist: Action – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    24. Designated Survivor: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    25. Atypical: Youth Novel – Netflix 

    26. Brooklyn 99: Comedy – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    27. Altered Carbon: Drama – Netflix 

    28. Stranger Things: Horror – Netflix

    29. This Is Us: Romance – NBC, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    30. Drop Dead Diva: Comedy – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    31. House: Comedy – YouTube, Google Play

    32. Burn Notice: Comedy – YouTube, Google Play

    33. Call the Midwife: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    34. Scandal: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    35. Little Fires: Drama – Hulu

    36. Narcos: Drama – Netflix 

    37. Dirty John: True Crime – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    38. The 100: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    39. Homeland: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    40. Grace & Frankie: Comedy – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    41. Working Moms: Comedy/Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    42. Nailed It: Reality – Netflix

    43. The Stranger: British Thriller Series – Netflix 

    44. Russian Doll: Mystery – Netflix 

    45. Dead to Me: Comedy – Netflix 

    46. Treadstone: Drama/Thriller – Prime Video

    47. The Man in the High Castle: Drama – Prime Video

    48. Family Reunion: Sitcom – Netflix 

    49. Downton Abbey: Drama – YouTube, Google Play

    50. Outlander: Romance – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    51. Good Girls: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    52. Wentworth: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    53. Younger: Romantic Comedy – TV Land

    54. Land Girls: Drama – Netflix 

    55. Vikings: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    56. Chef’s Table: Documentary – Netflix 

    57. Bonfire of Destiny: Drama – Netflix

    58. The English Game: Historical Drama – Netflix 

    59. Mr. Selfridge: Historical Drama – YouTube, Google Play

    60. True Blood: Horror – YouTube, Google Play

    61. Cheers: Comedy – Netflix, Prime Video

    62. The Crown: History – Netflix

    63. The Good Wife: Drama – Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+

    64. Heartland: Drama – Netflix, YouTube, Google Play

    65. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: Action – Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play

    BONUS: 66. Unorthodox: Drama – Netflix
    I’m including this one because it’s currently #3 trending in Canada on Netflix and looks absolutely fascinating! It’s a limited, 4-episode series based on a best selling autobiography where a girl flees her Hasidic Jewish community for a new life in Berlin. Sounds totally binge-worthy to me!

    Well there you have it friends – a list of the 65+1 bonus most binge-worthy shows, movies and documentaries to keep you entertained during this time of social distancing. There are hours upon hours upon hours of TV watching here, so slip into something comfy and let the binging begin!

    And in case you’ve missed our previous lists, make sure to check them out: 50 Free Family Activities to do while Indoors and 30 Self-Care Activities to do at Home.

    Love & Blessings,


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