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    Family Movie Night: Monster Trucks

    We haven’t done a family movie night for so long, so this weekend, we set aside some time to cozy up together with some popcorn and watch a movie together on Netflix.

    Problem was, we had NO clue what to watch. We don’t really keep up with what are the latest movies coming out and often times, we miss new releases simply because we aren’t really paying attention.

    That’s one of the reasons we love Netflix so much is because there are ALWAYS great recommendations for our family to watch. In fact, after about five minutes of scrolling through the suggested shows and movies, we often end up with the three kids all wanting to watch three different things.

    Well this past Saturday, it was hubby’s choice and he chose Monster Trucks. Now, I’m not going to lie, myself and my daughter weren’t super pumped for a truck movie. We were definitely hoping for something a little more “girly.”

    However, to our GREAT surprise, we absolutely LOVED Monster Trucks! Another moment of honesty (this post is starting to feel like a confessional!), often times when we watch a movie, I end up getting distracted with something on my phone, folding laundry or just falling asleep. Yet with this movie, it was different. It literally had my attention right until the very end. In fact, all five of us were glued to the television screen to see what would happen next. It had us laughing and even had my littlest one crying near the end (not to worry, it was a happy ending). 

    As my kids are starting to get older, particularly the oldest two, I’m finding that they are watching less and less cartoons and starting to watch more shows with real humans in it. And that’s what this movie has. I was worried at first that my three year old would completely tune out, but he was glued to the screen like everyone else. I’m guessing part of the appeal was the funny looking monster!

    If you are looking for a fun and action packed movie that the whole family will enjoy, I highly recommend Monster Trucks! Watch it today on Netflix and enjoy some family time together!

    Love & Blessings,




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