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    Boys Room Makeover: One Room Challenge Week 4

    Welcome to week four of the #oneroomchallenge! I have been making over my boys room and hope you’ve enjoyed following me along the journey.

    In case you’ve missed any of the last three weeks, you can find them here: Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3. Here’s the inspiration board we’ve been working with as well for this project. 

    Boys Room Inspiration

    This week, we will be talking about painting furniture and a fun little DIY project that I was invited to feature on our local daytime TV show.

    Boys Room Makeover One Room Challenge

    Let’s start with the furniture. Last week, I told you how we repainted the boys beds. We decided to give a little refresh to one of the dressers that had seen quite a bit of love over the last number of years. And we wanted something fun, so we chose “Guest of Honor” from the Para Paints collection.

    Boys Room Makeover One Room Challenge

    I absolutely love this green because it’s bright and fun and honestly, it’s perfect for a boys room! With a coat of primer on first, it was actually incredibly easy to roll on the green paint. Note, when painting furniture, you will want to make sure you use a small foam roller rather than a regular wall roller. The foam is perfect because it doesn’t leave any streaks or fuzzies behind.

    Boys Room Makeover One Room Challenge

    I knew I wanted something fun for the hardware, but had a really hard time finding any knobs or pulls that fit the bill. I decided to give this idea of having plastic animals as the drawer pulls. I bought them at my local dollar store, spray painted them metallic, drilled a hole in the back, inserted the screw in the back and voila! The kids think they are the coolest thing ever! While they may not be the most permanent solution, it’s ok because they didn’t cost a fortune!

    Boys Room Makeover One Room Challenge

    Sticking with the same color, I wanted to make bookends for the room, using materials I already had at home. All I needed for this project was one of my son’s dinosaurs, a few scrap pieces of 1×4 pine and some super glue.

    Boys Room Makeover One Room Challenge

    Using a saw, we cut the dinosaur in half and then measured out the pieces of wood. We made them 3×4 in size.

    Then I used the same primer over both the dinosaur and the wood, let it dry and then painted them green.

    Boys Room Makeover One Room Challenge

    Once the paint had dried, it was a simple and easy assembly using super glue. You can watch me assemble them on TV here.

    And it’s just that simple to add some color to a space, refresh an old piece of furniture and craft something out of items you already have in your home. I really feel like it’s these little attention to details that will make any room go from average to awesome in no time flat!

    Boys Room Makeover One Room Challenge

    Make sure to come back next week as we are in the home stretch and I will be sharing some difficulties and set backs that we have had in this makeover and how we overcame them!

    Love & Blessings,



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