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    6 Places to Visit in Burlington

    Blogging has brought about some amazing opportunities and partnerships. In a short time, I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with some influencers and experience some pretty neat things.

    This past weekend, I was invited on a FAM trip, which stands for Familiarization, to Burlington, Ontario with a group of six other bloggers from around the country. I was invited by Tourism Burlington and the fabulous Linda was our host. Check them out to find out all the happenings and even more places to visit in Burlington, Ontario. 

    It was such a fun experience, being whisked around the city, experiencing some of the most beautiful places Burlington has to offer. We were also treated to some incredible meals and by now you should all know that food is one of my love languages (wait, is food considered an official love language?! If not, I just created one!) 

    Burlington Ontario Canada

    So I’ve put together a list of the Top 6 places to check out while you’re in Burlington. Most people who live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) might not think Burlington is really anything special. However, after spending some time there this past weekend, I would beg to differ. Did you know that Burlington has been voted Canada’s best mid-size city to live in, two years in a row?! It has a spectacular and vibrant waterfront downtown and with it being a short commute to Toronto, it’s no wonder why it’s a thriving city.

    Top 6 Places to Visit in Burlington, ON:

    1. Royal Botanical Garden
    These gardens were truly spectacular, even in the rain. With over 2,700 acres of beautiful gardens and nature sanctuaries, RBG was a feast for the eyes. The grounds were so well kept and every detail was in pristine order. They have three outdoor display gardens, an indoor Mediterranean garden, two on-site restaurants and much more. They also regularly host festivals throughout the year that are family-friendly. 

    We had the pleasure of dining at the Teahouse upon arrival. With a great selection of assorted sandwiches and wraps, as well as homemade English scones, it was a perfect way to start our tour! 

    Royal Botanical Gardens Burlington Ontario Canada

    We had a chance to explore the gardens including some amazing sculptures. This reminded me of my time in Zimbabwe, Africa where they would make and sell the exact same sculptures out of soapstone! This is also makes me think of my perfect little family of five!

    Royal Botanical Gardens Burlington Ontario Canada

    The gardens were perfect and truthfully, I’d love to go back and see more, especially in the sunshine! If you are in the GTA, you definitely want to check this place out. Make sure to check out their site for a list of all their upcoming events! 

    2. Ireland House at Oakridge Farms (Museums of Burlington)
    One of the earliest homes built by Joseph Ireland, this now museum is over 150 years old and represents the unique history of Burlington. With many original artifacts still in place from three different time periods that represents the various generations that have lived there, this place was absolutely fascinating to visit. 

    Ireland House Museum of Burlington

    It is hard to imagine living in a world like that now with all our modern technologies and luxuries. Complete with narrators dressed in the clothing of that time, there is so much to be learned about what life was like 100+ years ago. To find out more information about Ireland House, visit Museums of Burlington. 

    Ireland House Museum of Burlington

    3. Canyon Creek Restaurant
    More then just a typical steakhouse, Canyon Creek offers a wife range of appetizers and entrees to suite every pallet out there. They try to locally source all of their ingredients for their menu items, which are all made in house, from scratch.

    Canyon Creek RestaurantI had the most amazing Southwest Chicken that consisted of a cajun rubbed chicken breast, roasted peppers, fresh avocado and crumbled feta! SO.GOOD! We were treated like royalty here, even sitting in our private dining room. The wait staff, chef and management are just really top notch and I would highly recommend dining there when in the area. 

    Canyon Creek Restaurant

    4. Beachway Park & Burlington Beach Rentals
    Beachway Park is situated at the foot of Burlington’s downtown community. It has trails extending over two kilometres into the Hamilton/Burlington Canal, boasts an outdoor pavilion, playground and seasonal concession and the fabulous Burlington Beach Rentals which is located in the historic Pump House that was built in the early 1900’s. 

    Beachway Park Burlington Ontario CanadaI think one of the highlights of the trip for me was doing beach yoga, first thing in the morning here. I’ve never tried yoga on the beach before and let me tell you, it was quite therapeutic. With the wind gently blowing and the waves crashing onto the shore, it was a great way to stretch, relax and get ready for the busy day ahead. You can also rent kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and all other kinds of fun activities through Burlington Beach Rentals. 

    Beachway Park Burlington Ontario Canada5. Springridge Farm
    Springridge Farm is a beautiful destination for the family, filled with all sorts of fun activities and seasonal festivals. With daily wagon rides taking you throughout the farm and overlooking the escarpment, you are sure to fall in love with this place quickly. 

    Springridge Farm Burlington ontario CanadaThis farm was so well kept and beautiful. They had all kinds of fabulous activities for kids including hay bail tunnels, sand pits, petting farm, tractor-style go-carts and many others. Also, their food, all made in house, was fabulous. I will definitely be going back with my family!

    Springridge Farms Burlington Ontario Canada

    6. Crawford Lake

    Our final destination to see was Crawford Lake, one of Halton Region’s seven parks. This lake is so fascinating as it is a meromictic lake (meaning the bottom half doesn’t see much air movement and therefore preserves the layers of sediment that have built up overtime). The lake is one of the most peaceful and serene places I’ve been in a long time and it is surrounded entirely with a boardwalk so you can take it in on all angles. 

    Crawford Lake Burlington Ontario Canada

    Overtime, it was discovered that this used to be the site of a 15th Century Iroquois Village and they have spent many years rebuilding  that village, along with preserving over 10,000 artifacts that were found onsite. 

    Iroquois Longhouse Crawford Lake Burlington Ontario Canada


    This trip would not be complete without being able to spend a night at the fabulous Hilton Gardens Inn. They treated me like royalty there, complete with a cheese and fruit platter upon arrival to my room and made-to-order breakfast served right to my table! Their staff and management are a step above the rest and I would highly recommend a stay there, when in the area! 

    Hilton Garden Inn Burlington Ontario Canada

    I had so many pictures that I made a little flipagram video to share them with you!

    Thank you for reading along and allowing me to share this experience with you. I truly hope that if you find yourself with the GTA that you will consider checking out Burlington. I know for a fact that I will be bringing my family back there this summer to take in more sites and sounds! 

    Love & Blessings,





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