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    Late Fall Boss Lady Favorites and Early Christmas Gift Guide

    November very much feels like we are in between seasons, right? We just finished Halloween and for us in Canada, Thanksgiving has already come and gone. Many of us are starting to prep for Christmas yet it’s still a solid eight weeks away and no snow yet in sight. But November IS one of my favorite months, not just because it’s my birthday month but because I LOVE being in between Fall and Winter. There’s so much excitement in the crisp, cool air, with lots of people starting to do their Christmas shopping and preparations.

    So I thought I’d take the time today to share with you a few of my Fall favorites that I think are also perfect to give as gifts to any boss lady in your life! I know it’s still a little early for some, but these are all amazing gifts that I think any woman would love! So let’s get to it! 

    1. Letterboard

    One of my new favorite accessories that I acquired during my office makeover was this letterboard from the Canadian company Letterboards Canada. These boards are SUCH A FUN way to express yourself through quirky and fun quotes to inspirational anecdotes. I love how you can change them up every day and they really do make the perfect gift!

    2. Aura ‘Winter Nights’ Candle – Fruits + Passion

    It wouldn’t be Fall heading into Winter without lighting some candles in the home for ambiance. I have always been a fan of larger, multi-wicked candles because they seem to not only last longer but also put off a greater aroma. Recently, Fruits + Passion sent this Aura ‘Winter Nights’ 3-Wick candle in a navy blue jar and I’m LOVING it! The scent is subtle, almost like a clean, fresh scent. And there is a really cool design etched on the INSIDE of the glass candle that you can only see once the candle is burning!

    3. Stephanie King Scrunchies

    If you’ve been following me on Instagram Stories, you know that I’ve had a new love affair with scrunchies! Yes, you read that right…SCRUNCHIES! I love to wear my hair up but I find that after awhile, my head starts to hurt when using a tight elastic. On our recent trip to Paris, I was seeing scrunchies everywhere and decided to pick up a few. I quickly remembered why I loved scrunchies back in the late 80’s, early 90’s…cause they are awesome! A reader suggested I check out Chelsea King’s collection and I’m in LOVE! From the fabric to the size, they are perfect! And, they are Canadian made! Even better!

    4. Donut Coffe Mug

    This was another Paris find from the store HEMA, which was recommended to me by my blogger friend Jenny from The Brunette Baker. This store felt like a cross between a mini-Ikea and a Chapters Indigo, but at Ikea prices. I literally could have bought one of everything in the store, but my suitcase certainly wouldn’t have had the room. This donut mug is just so pretty and whimsical and was less than four euros! Unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada or the US, but if you live in Europe, make sure to grab one while they are still in stock. For the rest of you, here are a couple other fabulous donut mug options!

    5. Wonderbra 

    If you remember from this past summer, you will know that I finally discovered the wonder of Wonderbra and I’m not looking back! I was invited to a pop-up shop they did this Fall and was fitted for a bra. They sent me this gorgeous mauve-grey lace underwire bra and it fits like a glove! And can we add how sexy it is?! I don’t know about you, but my bra’s are necessarily the nicest since having the kiddies. But I put this bra on and bam, I instantly feel more confident and put together! Shop this exact bra and other styles today!

    6. Dayna Lee Collection Printable

    One of the first few business momma’s that I connected with on Instagram was Dayna from the Dayna Lee Collection and we’ve remained friends ever since. She has a gorgeous stationary and paper goods collection that I just adore! Recently, she hosted a pop-up shop in Toronto and I was finally able to meet her in person and shop her fabulous goods! I bought a number of beautiful items but one of them was this fabulous print! I absolutely love Dayna’s uplifting message for all women out there! She has so many goodies you can shop this holiday season that any of your friends and family would love!

    7. China Glaze ‘Kill the Lights’ Nail Polish

    You know when you stumble across something that you didn’t know you needed but is literally the perfect thing you always wanted? That’s kind of what happened with this nail polish. I have been looking for a neutral shade of nail polish that had just a tint of a “cool” color to it. Most nudes that I tried on didn’t work with my skin tone. And then one day I was shopping at Winners of all places and stumbled upon this China Glaze polish in the shade “Kill the Lights” and I KNEW it was THE ONE! I have not put on another color since I bought it six weeks ago! I literally take it off after a week once it starts chipping and then re-apply the exact same color! I love, love, love it and I think it’s perfect for this end of Fall, early winter look. 

    8. Poppy & Peonies Cosmetic Bag

    Recently I’ve discovered another great Canadian company called Poppy and Peonies and I’ve fallen hard! They sent me a fabulous backpack for my Paris trip in September that I’m still using (I’ll do a separate post on that one of these days). And then just the other day they sent me this gorgeous floral cosmetics bag! As we travel a lot, I find you can never have enough cosmetic bags! Especially if make-up or a lotion explodes in one on a trip, I find I always love having a few backups on hand. This bag would make a perfect Christmas gift, filled with some make-up or nail polish or scrunchies, like the ones above!

    Happy Shopping!

    Love & Blessings,



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