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    Miracle Gel Polish

    I posted a picture to our Instagram account today and it’s generating alot of buzz! So I wanted to do a quick post about it!

    You read the title right: Miracle Gel Polish…AT HOME! I’m going to start from the top of this by saying that this is NOT a sponsored post…I really just LOVE this new product and want to share it with you!

    Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

    I decided on a whim to try this polish after I read all the signs in the store. It had high promises, as well as a slightly higher price tag, but I thought, “It’s still much cheaper than getting a spa gel manicure, so why not?!”

    I am SO happy with how the product held up! It lasted one full week and how many of you ever have regular nail polish last a full week?! I pretty much stopped wearing nail polish because it felt like just about the time my nails were FINALLY dry, the chips were almost immediate! Can I get a witness?! So to get a full week out of a at-home polish is a real winner, in my books!

    Here are all the colors that are available in the line. You MUST buy TWO bottles: 1st bottle is your color. The 2nd bottle is the top coat. You need that top coat to activate the gel and set it. It’s the black bottle below.

    Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colors

    Why I wanted to share a quick about this is because I just found TODAY a MAJOR sale, for our American readers! I know, major bummer that these prices aren’t available to us Canadians, but I will include below links on where you can purchase as well!

    So all my US readers, check this out by clicking right on the images below: The color coat as low as $1.69! Like seriously, that’s INCREDIBLE! It’s one of those “Start the car!” kinda deals (if you’ve never seen the Ikea commercial, that probably won’t make sense!) Note: When you click the image to view more, it will take you to the site where you will a few various sellers also selling the same product for less. This is where you will find the “From $1.69”

    Stock up while you can! This is one amazing price!

    Now for my Canadian readers, the cheapest place I’ve been able to find it so far is at Walmart. Did you know that Walmart Online delivers right to your door, for free?! That’s a pretty good deal as well! Click HERE to purchase any of the 40+ colors & top coat for only $9.97 each! 

    Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

    Well happy nail polish shopping and send us a picture of your nails once you paint them and let us know how YOU like this product!!

    Love & Blessings,



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