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    3 Natural Ways I Help My Kids Stay Healthy

    With three kids at home under the age of five, two of the them being in school, it can be difficult to help keep them healthy. There are SO many germs floating around in school, it feels like almost every week a different kid is coughing or has the sniffles. Especially since my  youngest has asthma, it feels like game over when he catches something. It almost always means doctor visits, medication, tons of puffers and sometimes, it does lead to a hospital stay. 

    3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy

    In the last few months, I’ve been really trying to be pro-active on how to stay AHEAD of the cold and flu game by keeping their immune systems boosted! I think the most important aspects of keeping your kids healthy is to make sure they eat well and get lots of sleep. We try to limit the amount of processed foods in our home (while still remembering they are children and have a huge desire to enjoy sugar!). Fruits and veggies are a must, including lots of water to drink! 

    I wanted to take a few minutes though and share with you a few products that I’ve found that seem to be making a big difference in my overall kids health. We try and stick on top of these daily and when we don’t, we have noticed the kids picking up more bugs. I really believe the trick is in being pro-active to prevent the bugs from even entering their systems! Here’s how we try!

    Honibe Gummie Vitamins

    1. Kids Honibe Honey Gummies Complete
    Recently I was introduced to these gummies and I really fell in love with the product, for a few reasons. First of all, they are a Canadian company, started by two brothers (they’ve been on Dragon’s Den and got a deal!), from Prince Edward Island! I just love supporting Canadian, homegrown businesses!

    Secondly, they are one of the cleanest and healthiest kids gummie vitamins you will find on the market! Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the bottle of kids gummie vitamins? If you have some in your house, I dare you to go have a little read and I’m sure you will be shocked at all the added ingredients and preservatives that are put into a supposedly “healthy” product! 

    With Honibe, the main ingredient is honey! Good, Canadian honey! You will find 50% less refined sugars in these vitamins then you will in any other kids gummie out there. They are also gluten free, diary free and have no artificial flavors. They come in a variety of natural flavors including berry, fruit punch and orange! 

    Honibe Kids Complete Vitamin

    They also carry a line for adults, prenatal vitamins, throat lozenges and candy! Again, all made with honey! I really enjoy taking the adult vitamin…very tasty, not like any other vitamin I’ve tried!

    One other fun note about Honibe for your kids: They are really trying to educate people on bees and how the bee population is in danger. Although we tend to think of bees in a negative way (especially when we had a nest living outside our bedroom last summer and were constantly finding them buzzing around our heads in the mornings!), they are essential to our planet. Did you know that one third of the food we eat wouldn’t be here without bees and their pollination process?! So it’s important that we understand why bees are so valuable to our planet and teach kids not to fear them. So over at the Honibe site, they’ve actually created a fun kids activity page where kids can learn more about the importance of bees and meet Bea Bee, who will give them all kinds of fun activities to do! Fun facts, games and coloring pages, all for free!

    Honibe Vitamin

    Finally, right now, Honibe is offering 4 for the price of 2, with FREE shipping, on all their gummie vitamins, until May 31st! That’s right, you can get an EIGHT month supply of vitamins (each bottle comes with a two month supply) at the cost of only two bottles! Now that’s an amazing deal to keep your kids healthy! Click here to go to their site and shop!

    2. Essential Oils
    We recently dove into the world of essential oils this past fall. I was definitely skeptical of them at first, but after countless visits to the doctors for various issues with the kids and one too many snotty nose, I decided it was time to give them a try.

    We got the starter kit, that included a sampling of 10 different oils and a diffuser to mist them into the air. Some of the oils we absolutely love and have already ordered more of. Others are neither here nor there for us. I have found that in my research, many people have different responses to various oils and so it does boil down somewhat to body chemistry and personal preference. 

    Young Living Essential Oils

    The one oil that is my go-to to help keep the kids healthy is called Thieves oil. It’s a blend of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, eucalyptus and lemon and it smells as amazing as you can imagine! The blend is designed to boost your immune system and support your body’s natural defences. Pro-active! I like to rub one drop per foot, on each kids feet, right before bedtime. When I do it consistently, I can always tell the difference.

    Once I start to see a cold setting in, I also diffuse it in their rooms at night. As adults, you can also take it internally, one drop on the tongue, to help boost your system. Also, I have the home cleaner version of it! I love the smell that it leaves and knowing that I’m using totally natural and safe cleaning products! 


    I purchased my Young Living Essential Oils from a representative. You can email me for personal contact information or you can also purchase it directly from the Young Living website

    3. Kids 0-9 Cough & Cold Nighttime
    Finally, there are times that no matter what you do to protect and keep your kids healthy, they will still get sick. Germs are everywhere and when you have kids in the school system or even going out to do groceries with you and sitting in carts, they will pick up all kinds of bugs. 

    When it’s a fever, we don’t mess around. It’s straight to the Tylenol. But when it comes to something like a cough or cold, I have found this natural product called Kids 0-9 Cough & Cold that seems to work wonders on ALL of my children. 

    Kids 0-9 Cough & Cold Medicine

    I know there are skeptics out there and I’ve read the articles too, but there’s no denying when you’re kid can’t sleep because of severe coughing to settling back down within 15 minutes of taking this medication. I really do believe in this product as I’ve seen it time and time again work for my kids (used it just last night on my son!). I like the nighttime one…seems to help them relax and fall back asleep fast. 

    You can find this product at any supermarket. I buy it from the Costco pharmacy because truthfully, that’s where it’s cheapest! You can also purchase it here. 

    Even though we are coming out of the official “cold and flu” season, there are still tons of germs and bugs that go around through the spring and summer. So it’s good to be equipped and on guard to avoid anything ruining those amazing summer trips you might have planned due to illness! 

    Finally, I wanted to let you know that Honibe has a giveaway going on for our readers for a one year supply of free gummie vitamins for your family! How exciting?! Just enter below for your chance to win!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    I hope you are all enjoying a healthy start to this beautiful season!

    Love & Blessings,





    * Pictures used are not my own 

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