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    Outfit of the Day: V-Neck Romper and Jean Jacket

    After posting a series of Instagram stories a couple of weeks back, so many of you responded that you LOVED the v-neck romper that I got from The Gap that I thought I’d write a blog post about it. I first discovered this romper when I was on our “glamping” adventure at Long Point Eco Adventures with GoodNites and my friend Laura from The GG Sisters back in July. As a plus sized momma, I find it VERY difficult to find rompers…

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  • Fashion / Women's

    Blue and White Striped Off the Shoulder Shirt: OOTD

    Lately, I’ve been trying to step outside of my normal all-black, all-stretch, all-comfort everyday attire. Not that I don’t want to be comfortable, trust me, that goal is ALWAYS at the forefront of my mind. But I’m talking about…

  • Fashion / Women's

    Fresh for Fall Fashion

    I’ll be honest, although I’ve blogged a bit about fashion over the last two years, I always felt somewhat weird writing about it because I’ve never considered myself to be very fashionable. I’m not into fancy name brands, I’m…

  • Tribal Fall Jumpsuit
    Fashion / Women's

    Tribal Fall Jumpsuit

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Fall is my FAVORITE season. The coolness in the air, the changing trees and celebrating Thanksgiving/Halloween, while getting geared up for Christmas. It’s so many great things all packed into…

  • 5 pieces to street style chic

    5 Pieces to Street Style Chic

    I’ve found over the years of having children and more recently, working from home, I need my clothes to be practical, functional and most importantly COMFORTABLE! When I’m chasing kids around the house or park, I can’t be doing…

  • Plus size OOTD
    Fashion / Women's

    Floral Print Pants Outfit of the Day

    My mom and my sister are in town and we got to do some shopping the other day. It was really fun, especially when my mom took the kids for an ice cream treat and my sister and I…