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    Top Plus Size Swimsuit Picks from Torrid

    Although I would never identify myself as a fashion blogger, I have found that every time I post wearing either a dress or a bathing suit, I ALWAYS get questions about where those pieces are from.

    This year, I’ve started posting a lot more in a bathing suit, and if you are a plus sized woman, you know that it can be not only challenging to find bathing suits, but it can also be quite depressing.

    While I’m THRILLED that many regular sized retailers have started extending their sizes to be more inclusive of plus sizes, often times their clothing is just made bigger and are not flattering on more curvier bodies. This can unfortunately lead to lots of disappointment and tears in the dressing room.

    So when a plus sized momma finds a GOOD thing, she’s GOT to share!

    Today, I’ve gathered up some of my FAVOURITE swimsuit picks from Torrid! BONUS – they are ALL on a massive summer sale right now! Plus, for all my Canadian friends, there is $20 flat shipping right now during their HAUTE sale, which means no surprise taxes or duties on arrival!

    I took a chance last year before our cruise with ordering two swimsuits from Torrid online. I had purchased a few dresses before and almost every single item I got not only fit well, but was very flattering. The cuts and styles were clearly meant for a curvier woman. When the bathing suits arrived, I was THRILLED with the fit of both suits! So I took another chance on another one this spring knowing we would be doing lots of swimming in our new backyard pool and once again, I loved it!

    A couple of things I want to note when it comes to swimsuit shopping on Torrid.

    First, you do need to pay attention to whether you are buying a TOP, a BOTTOM or ONE PIECE. One of the things I love about how Torrid has their swimsuit selection set up is that you can mix and match. This is especially good for plus size women who might have a different sized top than bottom. It also allows you to order the EXACT style you like for the bottoms. Everyone has different comfort levels about how much skin they want to show – some are fine with a regular shaped bikini bottom while others might want more coverage like shorts or a skirt. There are so many combination options which is awesome!

    But the flip side of that, is that there might be a time where you think you’re ordering a full swimsuit but in fact you just ordered the top (which happened to me with the lemon tankini top).

    So let’s get into some of my favourite suits below that I’ve hand picked for all of you guys!

    Black Swimsuits
    Let’s start with some basic black options! Again, you can mix and match any of these and I’ve included a one piece too! You can click on any of the images below to shop the pieces or click through the scroll through too!

    I absolutely love the neckline on this two piece, high waisted bikini. I’m not personally quite there yet where I’m confident enough to strut my stuff in bikini, but I DO love the ruffled, deep V neckline!

    I love this two piece, high waisted bikini option. The crisscross detail at the bust but also along the sides of the bottoms with mesh behind them is fabulous!

    This is a beautiful one piece option with the similar crisscross detail along the bust. I love the ruching along the bodice which I find is always flattering for any size.

    Finally, for the black swimsuits, I love this similar version of the two previous crisscrossed suits, but with the longer skirt option. It’s a one piece, which is nice to bring coverage and extra support throughout the mid range, and the skirt provides additional coverage for anyone who might not want to expose their upper thigh area. Still a beautiful shape, structure and style!

    One of the things I want to point out that I only recently noticed on Torrid.com is that you can toggle through the pictures of many of their items, particularly their swimsuits, to see how it looks and fits on different sized bodies. SLOW CLAP FOR THAT!

    If I’m honest, I’ve often been annoyed at the plus size representation of models in the fashion industry. Many of the models who model for plus size are somewhere between the size 12-14 range. While that is considered plus size, it’s BARELY plus size. Size 12-14 can be found in most regular sized clothing stores.

    Torrid has been guilty of this in the past, like many other plus size stores – to only showcase their clothing on slim and tall models. The truth behind the matter is that plus size, as with even regular sized people, come in ALL shapes and sizes. So when I noticed that Torrid now features three different sized models ranging from a size 1 to 4 for every item of clothing, I was thrilled! It helps women not only see their body shapes more represented but also can help when deciding if a certain garment will look good on them or not.

    Floral Print
    When I posted this picture from our cruise last Fall, I had many people asking where my bathing suit was from, which is Torrid. Now, this exact suit isn’t available any longer, but not to fear, I’ve rounded up a couple of similar styles as well as some other floral patterns that I think are fabulous!

    The next two floral patterns I’m going to share are another perfect example that Torrid has various styles of swim suit using the same pattern. So if you want to show more skin or if you want to be more covered up, there are both of those options!

    I absolutely LOVE this neon floral asymmetric one piece bathing suit. You can leave the bottom undone to cover like a skirt, or you can tie the longer pieces of fabric into a knot for a completely different look!

    Using the same neon floral pattern, you can go for a totally different look with this push-up two piece bikini.

    These two lavender floral swimsuits are both super flattering and a beautiful bathing suit for summer, depending on whether you’d like a two piece or one piece!

    I absolutely LOVE this light blue with pink and peach flowers print! I think it’s super fun while also being a bit sexy. The ruched high waisted bottoms are very flattering as well!

    To round out my floral picks, I wanted to share two palm leaf prints that I think are just both SO fabulous!

    I think both of these palm prints are so appropriate for summer and look good on any body shape!

    Shop all the looks by clicking on each individual picture or by clicking through this carousel!

    Fruit Print
    When I first saw the lemon print bathing suit, I knew I IMMEDIATELY needed it! Lemons are so hot right now and the fact that it’s summertime, it just felt right! The good news is, it’s still available, so you can shop the EXACT same suit! Do note, this is the suit that I thought came with BOTH the top and bottom piece. So I was surprised after I ordered it to see I only received the top. I didn’t end up ordering the bottoms because I already have black ones, so I just wear it with those. That’s the fun part about two pieces, you can mix and match!

    My second favourite fruit pick is this GORGEOUS light blue and white gingham with oranges over top! This style is the exact same as the blue and pink floral one I’m wearing in the picture of me on the beach with the three kids – it’s a push up style top with a peplum skirt paired with high waisted bottoms.

    Gingham, Striped and Polka Dots
    The final category of fabulous swimsuit picks are gingham, stripes and polka dots! All fun patterns to have on any swim suit!

    Again with these two polka dot fabrics, we have two options: a push-up one piece with a skirt or a two piece tankini with a peplum skirt top. The peplum top is the same style as the lemon and gingham top that I’m pictured wearing. I really love that look for myself and find it quite comfortable.

    I love this striped black and white two-piece swim suit with the twist top, push up detail.

    The final suit I’m going to share with you is this beautiful one-piece gingham ruched push-up with a twist top swim suit! It has ALL the details and I think it’s so flattering on any body type!

    Well there you have it friends, my favourite swimsuit styles from Torrid online! All of them are currently on a 30% additional summer discount and during their Haute days (on until July 21st), it’s $20 flat rate shipping to Canada! You can also return your unworn and unwashed items both by mail or to in-store, so it’s not a huge risk!

    Happy shopping!

    Love & Blessings,


    Note: This post contains affiliate links where if you buy one of the items linked, I will make a very small commission. The price doesn’t change for you, but it helps continue to support the blog.

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