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    Fresh for Fall Fashion

    I’ll be honest, although I’ve blogged a bit about fashion over the last two years, I always felt somewhat weird writing about it because I’ve never considered myself to be very fashionable. I’m not into fancy name brands, I’m usually a good season or two behind on the current trends and most days, you’ll find me dressed in yoga pants, a baggy tee and my hair in a top knot. So I felt like whenever I “tried” to post about fashion, I wasn’t taken seriously because I wasn’t an expert in the field.

    Joe Fresh Plus Size fall fashion

    However, recently, a dear blogging friend of mine encouraged me to write more about fashion because I DO have something valuable to contribute to the fashion world and that is my relatability factor. 

    You see, part of the reason I never thought I “fit” the fashion blogger mould is because I wasn’t like all the other fashion bloggers. And that’s exactly why my friend encouraged me to do it…because instead of chasing those somewhat unrealistic fashion goals of the Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik and Chanel designer trends, I was able to put together outfits from the grocery store and make them look good! 

    Joe Fresh Plus Size fall fashion

    So if you are ok with it, I think I’ll try sharing a little more about some of my favorite looks that I pull together in hopes to inspire others that are just like me: busy moms-on-the-go who don’t always have a ton of time nor resources left at the end of the day to style themselves, yet want to look good when going out!!

    With that said, this past week I had the amazing opportunity to work with Joe Fresh and YummyMummyClub for their joint shopping event here in Toronto. 

    Again, another moment of honesty: when I first got the invitation to be a “fashion” influencer for Joe Fresh, I honestly thought they sent the email to the wrong person. My first thought was “Have they seen my size? Do they really think I can fit into their clothes?”

    Joe Fresh Plus Size fall fashion

    Hat | Top | Blanket Scarf | Pant | Boots

    As a plus size momma, I’ve often walk through the clothing section at the end of my grocery shopping, see a bunch of cute things that I’d love to try on, but always figured they were way too small for me. 

    So before I actually said yes to the event, I actually rushed out to the grocery store and tried on a ton of outfits, just to make sure that I could find something cute to wear and ensure that I did in fact fit into their clothing.

    Well, let me tell you…I was SHOCKED by the results. EVERYTHING FIT! And not only did things fit, but certain styles really complimented my curves and womanly shape. 

    Joe Fresh Plus Size fall fashion

    If you are a woman, of ANY size, you know that change rooms can be a very dark and depressing place where tears often flow because things just don’t fit. I’ve been there more times than I’d like to recount. But this time was different. This time was a moment of VICTORY. A major WIN! And I walked out with almost everything I tried on because I loved it ALL!

    Joe Fresh is totally built for all shapes and sizes and they have just converted their newest mom-fan!

    Joe Fresh Plus Size fall fashion

    So I excitedly said YES to attending the shopping event and was even interviewed on YMC’s Facebook Live broadcast from the event. You can watch that here (it’s a long one…if you want to skip ahead, yours truly appears around 42 minutes). 

    For any of you who missed the shopping event, don’t worry because I actually have a special coupon code for you to use up until November 19th! Simply go to Joe Fresh and use the code Yummy25 at the checkout to receive an extra 25% off! 

    Linked below is my entire outfit which is all available online today! 
    Joe Fresh Plus Size fall fashion

    Happy Shopping!

    Love & Blessings,


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