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    Step Into Spring: Yellow & Blue Outfit of the Day

    As the snow is finally melting, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are finally warming up, it’s time to shed those winter layers and pull out your best sundresses!

    For me, stepping into Spring and then Summer, I want to be all about the colours! I tend to wear A LOT of black on a day to day basis. And that’s fine when lounging at home or for a fancy night out, but this season, I’m determined to bring some more colour into my wardrobe.

    Let’s talk about mustard yellow – it’s still having it’s moment and I’m still here for it! We saw this colour really explode last Fall and it seemed to hang on through the winter and it’s still in every store out there this season too! So I’m going to embrace it with open arms and enjoy this moment because it’s such a fun and bold statement.

    I snagged this linen just-over-the-knee dress at Ross while I was in Florida. That is one of my favourite places to shop as you can score amazing deals for next to nothing. I think the dress was about $15! If they would have had other colours, I would have bought them all!

    I layered the dress with a long, blue and white kimono that I picked up from Walmart before I went to Florida. I love the idea of layering, even in the summer. So adding a lightweight kimono on top of a dress or tank is perfect to frame up your look while still keeping you cool!

    I’ve always been a fan of colour blocking when I’ve seen it on the runways or in magazines, but I was never really confident that I could pull it off. But when I found the mustard yellow dress, I knew immediately that this cobalt blue kimono would be the perfect pairing.

    Then, to add in a third colour and get really crazy, I added in my hot pink mules, which I had snagged at Target last Fall. Fun fact, they still have them in stock online and you can shop them below!

    These are the perfect flats with the twist detail to finish off any look, whether a bold, colour blocked look like this or to simply add a pop of colour to a more monotone outfit.

    Because I always love a good hat, I added in this wide brimmed straw hat that I picked up from Target as well. What I love about a hat like this is that you can wear it with a sundress for a fun look or you can sport it around the pool or on the beach. It’s quite versatile, depending how you style it.

    Tying the look together was this gorgeous multi-coloured floral statement necklace, also from Target. I quite literally gasped when I laid eyes on the necklace and had to have it! I plan on wearing this A LOT because it’s so fun and colourful!

    I think, especially as a plus sized woman, it’s safest to sometimes dress in black as we think it’s the most slimming colour. But this season, I encourage you to pack away the black and celebrate those curves with the brightest, boldest colours you can find! And wear them confidently!

    Love & Blessings,


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