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April 2015

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    Banana Berry Bliss Smoothie

    Banana Berry Bliss Smoothie

    I missed Monday’s usual recipe, so today I want to bring you something fun and yummy! I’ve yet to post any drink recipes, so I thought it was about time to wet your whiskers!  I was never a smoothie person. As a self-declared foodie, I enjoy all aspects of eating something. It’s not just about nourishment but there’s a whole experience that comes when eating food for us: the look, the smell, the crunch, the chew, the contrasting flavors, the…

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    Real Life Mondays

    Typically on Mondays, I like to bring you recipes. I just love starting the week with you by sharing some of my most favorite eats, hoping to inspire you in your weekly meal planning. Mondays are typically meal planning…

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    Sunday Best: OOTD

    I am by no means a fashion blogger. Most days, the struggle is real and I rock out a sweet pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt, usually covered in baby drool, snot or spit-up! Glamorous, right?! But on…

  • Beauty

    Miracle Gel Polish

    I posted a picture to our Instagram account today and it’s generating alot of buzz! So I wanted to do a quick post about it! You read the title right: Miracle Gel Polish…AT HOME! I’m going to start from…

  • Entertaining

    Springs Obsessions

    We are so excited to be sharing with you our latest “Obsessed With” curated board! This week, we are feeling the spring vibes and have been inspired by everything soft blue/teal and gold! Such a perfect color combination for…