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    Bohemian Glam Office Renovation Week 3

    Welcome to Week 3 of our Bohemian Glam Office renovation! If you missed Week 1 and Week 2, click on those first to catch yourself up to speed with all the fun details of what we are doing in this office space!

    Well friends, I wish I had more of an update for you this week, but the honest truth is that I don’t. Doing a renovation like this while everything is in complete lockdown here in Ontario is proving to be VERY hard. And I know that I completed two other renovations this last year during the pandemic, the kitchen and our daughter’s room, but for some reason, this third lockdown feels worse and harder to obtain materials needed. Mostly because this is the first time in our lockdowns that non-essential items have been closed off in stores. This goes for everything from balloons to paint to underwear (not that underwear is necessary for this renovation, but even if it was, I wouldn’t be able to get it!). So when we run out of things, we need to order it online and then wait three days for our orders to be processed in order to do a curbside pick-up. Even Amazon orders have been majorly delayed. Not a huge problem, but definitely an inconvenience that is leading to some delays.

    This week we prepped and started painting the room. It’s the first time we attempted to remove popcorn ceiling and while the ceiling is still not fully finished, I can’t believe the incredible difference already! I will have a TikTok/Instagram reel of it once it’s done, but let’s just say that water and a shop vac attached to a scraper can go a LONG way!

    We are also painting the ceiling in this space! As I mentioned last week, because this is a small space that is being created to foster lots of creativity, we are going bold, trying things we’ve never done before. Painting the ceiling a colour is something we’ve never done before and I’m SO excited about it. We will share all about the paint in another post, but here is a sneak peak of the first coat on the ceiling! What do you think?!

    Next up was refinishing this dresser that will serve as a credenza for the office. We lucked out and bought it right before the lockdown at the Restore for $75. It’s a solid wood piece and in great condition. Although we chalk painted it, we did decide to strip it down as we wanted to make sure it had a really clean base for the paint to adhere to. This is where we started running into supply issues, trying to find paint stripper. When I tell you that I’ve spent almost every waking minute on this dresser this week, I’m not kidding you! And it’s still NOT finished. Again, I will do a separate update on the refinished furniture we will have in this space, but here is the progress picture!

    So that’s all I have to for you this week, friends! This coming week, we will be able to share about the furniture we are refinishing as it should be completed. And then we are starting to work on the built-in desk and the custom mural! Oh I can’t wait! Stay tuned!

    Love & Blessings,


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