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    Shop the Boys’ Room Makeover

    I am so overwhelmed (in the best way) at all of your responses to the big reveal of our boys’ room makeover last week! I am still trying to get through all the comments and messages! You guys are all way too nice! 

    boys room makeover one room challenge

    Some of you have been asking where I purchased all the items for the room at, so I thought I would do a post to share with you those details as well as find similar looks for you to create in your own space.

    For starters, I want to talk about the custom prints that my husband and I created in the room. We did four of the black and white ones above the boys bed and I’m so happy to let you know that three of them are currently for sale as digital downloads in our Etsy shop!  These can work really in any space from a boys room to even a girls room, playroom and nursery! They also make for GREAT and inexpensive gifts!

    collageSo let’s start with the furniture in the room. For the beds, I talked about how we ended up finding a bunk bed that we converted into two twins on Kijiji for Week 3. This was a major score for the room. For the toy storage, I knew I wanted to could have bins that would slide in and out of it, for easy clean-up. This Kallax from Ikea was the perfect fit,, turn on its side. 

    Boys room makeover one room challenge

    For the Lego table, I wanted something with a low profile so that they could sit on their stools and reach the Lego. This Stuva bench was perfect. And then for the actual Lego storage, we found this Trofast wall storage unit that was perfect!

    boys room makeover one room challenge

    Here are some fairly similar items for you to take a peek at!

    Moving onto bedding, I’ve said it over and over again that this room was inspired primarily by the bedding I found at Ikea that I instantly fell in love with! It is called Flickoga and it’s just the best! What beats animals playing various sports and instruments with amazing pops of color on a light teal and white grid?! Not much! BUT, if the colors are a bit too much for you, here are a few other options I’ve put together for you to be inspired by!

    boys room makeover one room challenge

    To round out this shopable post, I have to include the funnest part of it all: the DECOR! As you probably know by now, I do a lot of my shopping at HomeSense (HomeGoods) and that is where most of these items came from, with some also being from Ikea. I’ve rounded up some very similar items for you to take a peek at and hopefully want to use in your own space!

    boys room makeover one room challenge

    Well, there you have it! Now you know where I purchased most of the items from in the boys room. Plus, you now have all of these similar products so that you can get to work on making over your space too!

    Love & Blessings,




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