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    Master Bedroom Makeover: One Room Challenge Week 2

    Welcome back to Week Two of our One Room Challenge Master Bedroom Makeover! We are so excited to be participating in the ORC again this Fall and finally working on our Master Bedroom. In case you missed Week One, make sure to head back and check out our inspiration board to get a sneak peak of what we will be doing in the space!

    Today is the day where I reveal to you the dreaded BEFORE picture. {Shudder} 

    one room challenge master bedroom

    For someone who loves interior design and has worked hard to create beautiful spaces in her home, these pictures make me cringe because we have done virtually NOTHING in this room, for two and a half years. NOTHING!

    Ok, well, that’s a tad dramatic. We have done like three things: purchased a headboard and put it behind the mattress (note, we have a mini boxspring as the plan was always to build a platform…but that never happened, hence why the bed is so low). We then purchased four curtain panels and rods with the plan to hang them on the south window wall, however, to this day, both the curtains and rods remain in their ORIGINAL packaging, in our closet. Finally, we did purchase the two night tables from our local thrift store and refinished them, including removing a drawer and building an open shelf. 

    But much beyond that, NOTHING. Not even paint on the walls. 

    one room challenge master bedroom

    It’s just been one of those forgotten spaces. Because most people don’t hang out in our bedroom, it was just a space that I never committed time to.

    Unfortunately, we also let the kids have somewhat free-reign in this space and they’ve kind of destroyed many things in there. As you will notice, we no longer have a duvet cover because that was stained and ripped long ago. Scratches on the furniture, broken picture frames and endless crumbs on the floor…it’s not wonder I was never inspired to do much in this space.

    one room challenge master bedroom

    Until NOW!

    We are SO ready to transform this master suite into a retreat space. I’m excited to take back our room and give it the proper attention it deserves. That includes placing a lock at the top of the door so that the kids and their friends can no longer access it while they are “playing.” Not that I’m shutting them out of the room, because trust me, we still love our family snuggles, we just won’t be letting the kids have a free-for-all in there like they have in the past!

    Pretty much everything in there will be going OUT with the exception of the headboard, cause we still love it and the main dresser. But that too will be getting a MAJOR facelift! 

    one room challenge master bedroom

    We’ve moved the men’s dresser into our walk-in closet (why didn’t we think of that sooner), purchased new bedside tables and I’m excited to say that as of LAST NIGHT, the platform is FINALLY built for the bed! No joke, I actually “fell” out of bed this morning, forgetting how much higher it was now!

    I guess the only positive thing about these “before” pictures is that they will make the “after” pictures THAT much better! 

    one room challenge master bedroom

    I am SO excited to makeover this space! We’ve started building, collecting, purchasing and painting and I can’t wait for you to see it all come together! So make sure to follow along the next four weeks to see it transform!

    Here’s a little preview of next week’s post! We will be sharing how to build and install board and batten on your walls and we may have had little helpers on the job!

    one room challenge master bedroom

    Love & Blessings,




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