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    Christmas 2018 Home Tour

    Welcome to our 2018 Christmas Home Tour! This is one of our favourite posts every year not only because we love to share with you what our home looks like, but we also link up with a bunch of other Canadian decor bloggers who are sharing their homes too! There’s so much beautiful Christmas decor inspiration for every style!

    This Christmas is our first year in our new home. We moved in late August and went straight into a renovation of our laundry room…which unfortunately didn’t make it into this post but you can find all the details on that here if you missed it!

    We absolutely love our new home. The main floor layout is the exact same as the one I grew up in which is kind of wild! The yard surrounding the home (which includes a pool) and the neighborhood we live in were all huge factors as to why we chose this house. However with that said, the interior design of the home leaves much to be desired. It has been a little hard going from a super modern home that was mostly white and open space to a small, closed off and mostly dark interior. The kitchen is our biggest contention as it only has one real working space that is made for ONE person to use at a time. We have BIG plans for a total remodel of the back end of the home, but until then, we are trying to make due as best as we can with what we inherited with the home. 

    So for this first Christmas in our new home, we really wanted to try our best to make it feel like us! We’ve always wanted a home where we could go a little crazy and set up Christmas decor in every room…and that’s pretty much what we did!

    For starters, we set up two Christmas trees on the main floor (the kids have their own as well in the basement but I didn’t get around to capturing it in photos but it IS part of the home tour VIDEO down below). Most of the decor is quite traditional in feel but I tried to play around with colours to add in some more modern touches as well as a bit of Scandinavian vibes in our family room! 

    For the office tree, I already had lots of blush pink options but wanted to add in a deeper maroon this season. We saw the return of more of the jewel-tones this Fall and I felt like sticking with that vibe for Christmas! I absolutely love how the maroon and blush work together in this tree!

    We’ve also been participating in Vlogmas – a daily video series for the month of December on YouTube. I will include a few of the videos we’ve done, as well as the entire home tour video will be below! 

    Here I’ve done a quick tutorial on how I set up my Christmas trees – one of the most popular topics on both my blog and YouTube channel!

    Next we move into the family room. While this space is literally entirely light yellow at the moment, it’s still one of my favourite spots in the house with the fireplace! Growing up we had a real fireplace and I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it until I have one again!  

    I wasn’t originally planning on setting up a second tree in this space, but Chris ended up asking me if I could put it up and well, you know how much love decorating trees so I almost pounced on the idea and had it up within an hour! I wasn’t sure the color scheme I was going to do at first, but ended up going with whites and silver, giving it a winter wonderland kind of vibe!

    As I mentioned before, we are slowly trying to make this home feel more like ours on the inside (we plan to paint in the new year which will help a lot) but to start, I thought adding some artwork would help! I ended up printing these engineer prints for about $4 a print and added them to frames I already had. I absolutely love this idea to change out the artwork to fit in with the season. I did a video on the process and ended up having so many questions about it that I also did a quick blog tutorial on where I found the prints and how exactly I printed them. You can find that HERE.

    The front foyer with the curved staircase is literally the exact same as the home I grew up in. I think the staircase looks so grand…I absolutely love it! A dream of mine has always been to do fresh greens down the banisters and this year I finally got to do it! Stay tuned for a tutorial on how I did them on YouTube. 

    For the kitchen, it’s so small and dark in there that I wanted to keep it quite simple. I found some small trees that I had stored away from previous years and simply added a gold bow to the top. I then also found these greens at the thrift store for less than $10 and they already had all the baubles on them! I simply added in some LED string lights and a couple homes from last years decor and the kitchen is done!

    Finally, for the front porch of the house, I made two Christmas planters using all FORAGED greens! I’ve never done that before but after trimming a few evergreens on our property, I was inspired to try and reuse some of the trimmings! I will also be doing a YouTube tutorial on how to make those, so make sure you are subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss it!

    And finally, our VIDEO home tour…just in case you didn’t get enough with all the pictures!


    We hope you’ve enjoyed our home tour! Thanks for letting us share it with you! Now it’s time to check out what all the other Canadian bloggers are up to in their homes! Click below on each day to see their spaces and be inspired to decorate your home this holiday season!

    Now it’s time to tour all of the other beautiful homes in the Christmas Canadian Bloggers Home Tour hop this season!

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