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    Spring Home Tour

    Welcome to the Canadian Bloggers Spring Home Tour! I love being a part of these blog tours because I just love seeing so many different bloggers take on seasonal decor in their home.

    For me, as you probably know, the month of February was insane! And when I say insane, I mean really insane! Out of the last 34 days, I’ve spent 22 of them AWAY and only 12 at home. We’ve had incredible opportunities to travel to so many amazing places (if you haven’t read about my trip to the Ice Hotel or Family Weekend in Ottawa, check those out). 

    So with being gone as much as I was, plus having a crazy amount of deadlines sprinkled in between, it meant that the house and the decor were very overlooked. And when I say overlooked I mean I literally took down my front porch CHRISTMAS decorations TODAY, March 9th! My neighbors must have been wondering if I was planning on making them permanent fixtures on my porch! (I will say though I am kind of pleasantly surprised at how well my greens stayed, considering they were up for over three months!)

    Anyways, all of that to say, I’m relieved to usher in a new season of staying at home and sprucing it up with some Spring decor!

    So let’s dive in!

    For starters, I’m not one who goes all out and redoes every room in the home. I don’t have time nor money to do that. But with that said, I do feel that some small touches in the main areas of your home (where you will enjoy them the most) can really help brighten the space and bring in an air of newness (and who doesn’t want that after a long, dark winter, right?!)

    I find that every year when I get ready to transition into Spring and Summer, I find that I want two things: flowers and fruit. Fruit is not really a problem to find as it’s readily available at the store and while fresh cut flowers are also always well stocked, we are still very much in sub zero temperatures here in Canada. So as much as I’d love to share tulips and daffodils planted and blooming on my front porch, the realities of a cold, Canadian winter just won’t allow for that. So this year, I decided to keep one of the evergreen trees I had up from Christmas and then made a beautiful faux-peony bouquet to bring some life to the porch!

    I used a pair of rose pink rubber boots that I was sent from Roma Boots late last Fall to style with some faux greens in them. I love these boots! They are the perfect color and also perfect for this upcoming rainy season. I also absolutely love that these boots give back to those in need – one for one! 

    Besides the front porch, the other area that I always spruce up for each season is the kitchen. 

    This time around, I decided to change up two areas that I had previously done in a very winter theme. If you remember last Fall, I did the DIY Hot Chocolate Cart for the Kids and I also did a DIY Canister Christmas Village that stayed on the island until…errr…today! 

    Let’s start with the bar cart. It was time to pack away the hot chocolate for the season and bring out some bubbly, well, in the form of sparkling water! I also changed up some of the books for a lighter vibe, brought in some fresh flowers and changed out the marshmallows for candy watermelons and layered cookies!

    For the canisters, I decided to go basic but make a bold statement by adding in fresh lemons and limes. Now I realize it would have made more sense to get faux ones that would last longer, but with not much time to plan, I settled for real ones at the grocery store! Thankfully, they weren’t expensive and perhaps we will make lots of lemonade and margarita this weekend, eh!?

    Finally, I swapped out our soap corner beside the kitchen sink with these fabulous new Meyer’s soaps and cleaners that I received from Grove Collaborative at Alt Summit which I recently attended in Palm Springs, California. To be honest, these are my first ever Meyer’s products and I’m SO excited to try them out!

    You really don’t have to go all out when it comes to sprucing up your home for the new season. Adding in fresh flowers and some fruit can really go a long way to lighten it up. Also, you will notice that I’ve reused a lot of items that I’ve had on display in other home tours. We don’t have a ton of storage therefore we can’t keep a ton of items on hand for the next time that season comes. We have to get creative with how we display things and swap out the accessories, such as pillows and blankets to keep it looking fresh! So shop your basement or storage closet before you run out to the home decor store!

    And that’s it for me my friends! Now I’m excited to share with you all of my friends homes! Get ready to feast your eyes and get inspired to decorate your home for Spring this year!


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