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    Black Chiffon Dress Outfit of the Day – Paris Edition

    As most of you have probably seen by now, my husband and I recently went on our dream vacation to Paris, France. It was absolutely magical and more than I ever could have imagined.

    This was truly a vacation for us and so we tried to really limit the “work” aspect to it. However, seeing as we had truly the most beautiful backdrop, we decided to do a few outfit shoots while there.

    This one in particular was with our friend Meiry from Flanerie Photography.  I shared on Instagram that we decided to hire a photographer and do a photoshoot as our souvenir from Paris. I will share more pictures from that in the coming weeks, but during that shoot, Meiry was able to do some solo pictures of me and I wanted to share them with you today for this outfit of the day!

    I knew we were doing this photoshoot in Paris with Meiry and I wanted to try and find the perfect dress. For me, it had to meet three specific criteria: 1) I wanted it to be flowy (not an official word, but you know what I mean), 2) It had to have three-quarter length both on the legs and on the arms and 3) I wanted it to have a floral pattern. Bonus was if it was black, because black IS the most slimming color on me (and I think on most other people too). 

    Let me tell you, my dear friends, this turned out to be SUCH a hard dress to find! I could find flowy and floral, but it was either sleeveless or above the knee. Or if it was long enough, it didn’t have the right design. I searched the interwebs high and low to find the perfect dress and couldn’t find it anywhere. 

    Until a friend of mine told me to check Reitmans. Why do I always forget about Reitmans? I have never really shopped there much, but they DO have extended sizes for plus sized women.

    Well, to my GREAT surprise, this beautiful dress was waiting for me on their website AND it was 40% off to boot! How can a dress meet my tall list and only cost me $35?! Dream come true!

    I actually sent hubby to grab it for me on his way home from work and funny story, he grabbed a size too small. However, it fit me perfectly! So note…if you want this exact dress, you may need to size down because the sizing was really generous (um, hello, why can’t ALL sizing be like this?!)

    Now let’s move on to the jacket, cause I’ve already had lots of questions about that as well! It’s actually from H&M from last year and it’s a faux leather bomber jacket that was from their plus size collection. I absolutely love it and it’s held up really well, through multiple seasons now. I absolutely love the look of adding a tough, leather jacket to a soft and delicate dress. The contrast between the two is really the perfect balance and I feel really reflects a lot of my own personality: a little bit of sweet and a little bit of sass! 

    Finally, let’s talk about the boots. Again, these are from last season from Joe Fresh. They have a similar one this season, so have no fear! I will say that while I love the look, my feet and back can’t handle heels at all since having babies. Add in cobblestone Parisian streets and I was practically limping after this photoshoot (just keeping it real people). But as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain” right?!

    And that my friends is my first OOTD – Paris Edition! You can expect two more outfits in the coming weeks from Paris! It was just TOO beautiful there to not take advantage of snapping some outfits!

    I’ve got two different ways for you to shop this look with similar items: one through rewardStyle and one through Amazon. All links are below! Happy Shopping!


    Love & Blessings,




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