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    Feed a Child with the Cuddle of a Doll

    One of the things that I committed to doing this year was to feature various organizations that were making a difference both here at home and around the world. We launched this series with sharing about JustOne jewellery back in the winter. We’ve been so busy that it’s taken us awhile to get back on track, but I’m SO excited to be sharing this amazing company with you today, cuddle + kind. 

    cuddle + kind are ethically made hand-knit dolls that help feed children in need. For every one doll that is purchased, 10 meals are given around the world! To date, they’ve given away over 1 MILLION meals worldwide! Talk about an incredible impact all coming from the cuddle of a doll!

    Not only do their dolls help feed children around the globe, but this company is responsible for providing over 100 jobs to artisans in Peru. They are creating sustainable and fair trade wages for people who might not otherwise have any kind of income. 

    I’ll be honest, when cuddle + kind first reached out to me, all they wanted was a shoutout on social media. But after not even five minutes on their website I knew that I HAD to do more to feature this amazing brand. I wrote them back and asked to do a full-length feature on them because I just loved everything about what they were doing.

    cuddle + kind was started by two parents of three kids (kind of rings a bell, doesn’t it?!). After watching a documentary on the childhood hunger crisis, they decided THAT DAY to create a company who’s main purpose would be to help improve the lives of children worldwide. Absolutely remarkable!

    Not only is the purpose of the dolls amazing, but the quality of the dolls is top notch too. First, let’s talk about how stinking cute they are! Have you ever seen a cooler looking doll?! I would gladly place these in MY room! But each doll is hand-knit with the finest of natural cotton yarns. They are also certified non-toxic. 

    Honestly, these dolls are some of the nicest dolls I’ve ever seen. It was truly one of those WOW moments when opening up the package from the mail and them being even nicer in person than I expected. My kids absolutely adore these and knowing that THIRTY meals were provided because of these three dolls just makes them that much better!

    So make sure to hop on over to cuddle + kind and check out all their amazing dolls. They come in two sizes as well as have a few prints to go along with them. These make for the most beautiful birthday gift and what an amazing concept to know that each doll is helping bring an end to childhood hunger.

    Like I said in the first post a few months ago, although many of us can’t physically go to those places around the world that are in need, we can all do SOMETHING, even from the comfort of our very own home, through amazing brands like this one. So instead of buying a new toy from the toy store next week for little Johnny’s birthday party, I would encourage you to check out these dolls and know that it’s so much more than buying another toy, it’s about helping save a life! And you my friend, can be part of that profound impact!

    Love & Blessings,





    Note: Although I do lots of sponsored posts to help maintain the blog, I want to be clear that this Humanitarian Spotlight series will NOT be paid sponsorships. I feel so strongly about sharing these organizations with you in an effort to help bring awareness to what people around the world are doing to help fight for those in need. This is a way to tell their stories and show us all how we can get involved! 

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