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    Conscious Gift Giving Guide

    On the blog for the past year, we’ve been trying to highlights various humanitarian organizations that are focused on doing good in this world. A lot of times we think we can’t be part of helping those in need because we don’t see immediate needs around us, but with so many amazing non-profits worldwide, the ability to give back and to help those in need has never been greater! Truth is, while this is called a conscious gift giving guide,…

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  • Give Back / Kids / Lifestyle

    Feed a Child with the Cuddle of a Doll

    One of the things that I committed to doing this year was to feature various organizations that were making a difference both here at home and around the world. We launched this series with sharing about JustOne jewellery back…

  • Give Back / Inspiration / Lifestyle

    Humanitarian Spotlight: JustOne

    If you haven’t noticed, the world is in a bit of chaos at the moment. It feels like things that people once knew for certain have become unknown and EVERYONE is talking about it. I heard someone the other…