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    DIY Scripted Straw Hat 150th Canada Day Edition

    I’m sure you’ve seen the uber trendy large brimmed straw beach hats with scripted lettering on them, right?! They are everywhere and let me tell you, I LOVE them! So chic and fabulous!

    Because they are such a popular item right now, it’s hard to find one online for under $100 Canadian! That’s a bit steep for a beach hat, in my opinion. So I decided that I would try my hand at making one instead!

    Now here’s the twist: because it’s Canada’s 150th birthday celebration coming up in a few weeks, I thought why not try to make a Canadian version of this beach hat to wear during the nation’s festivities?! 

    This my friends, was SO easy and inexpensive to make. I have a video tutorial below, but let me quickly talk you through it as well.

    Let’s talk supplies: a large-brimmed straw hat ($6 at Walmart), a spool of red sequin stretchy ribbon ($4 at Walmart) and fabric glue. That’s it! Oh and I guess you will need scissors and a pencil to trace out where you want it to go, but these are things you should already have on hand.

    First you need to decide what saying you would like on the hat. I kept debating between “Oh Canada” and “Canada, eh.’ Either would be have been fun and cute.

    I knew I wanted a script font, so I lightly traced out the saying on the brim of the hat, as a guide for when I started glueing. You could always find a font online that you like, type it out, print and trace it, if you aren’t comfortable free-handing it. 

    Then start glueing! I found that it was easier to roughly lay out each letter and then cut the ribbon down to size. Because it’s an elastic ribbon, it tends to coil up on itself, making it a little trickier to lay it flat. With smaller sections, it seemed easier to manipulate it the way I wanted it to rest.

    Glue and repeat on the remaining letters and that’s it! Super simple, quick and an inexpensive on-trend DIY for this year’s Canada Day celebrations!

    One little tip when it comes to glueing the cursive letters together: write out the saying on a piece of paper, two letters at a time. See how they connect and figure out where the smoothest start and stop point will be for your ribbon. If you are using a flat, non-elastic sequin ribbon, you may be able to glue the whole saying in one piece, but if you are using an elastic ribbon, it will be easier to do two letters at a time.

    Here’s the entire video tutorial to see how it’s done! And make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to check out some other amazing Canadian DIY and Decor bloggers special Canada Day 150th celebration creations!


    Love & Blessings,



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