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    Two Things Every New Parent Needs on their Baby Registry List

    Becoming a new parent is one of the most exciting (if not THE most exciting) time in anyone’s life. However the journey has looked for someone – whether it happened overnight or it’s been years of heartbreak and disappointment, that moment when you find out your having a baby changes EVERYTHING. No longer is this just about you and your partner, you are now going to be responsible for raising a tiny human and that thought is both exhilarating and frightening at the same time!

    One of the things most first-time-parents aren’t short on, especially in those first few months of parenthood, are other people’s opinions. And we aren’t just talking about opinions from family and friends, we mean complete (and often well-meaning) strangers. It will be information overload and can honestly cause some prenatal anxiety for some parents.

    The hardest part in preparing for a new baby are the unknowns, and we aren’t just talking about gender. Will your baby be able to breastfeed or will he/she need to bottle feed? Will they like being swaddled or free as bird when they sleep? Will they want a soother or will they be able to self-soothe? Will they be fussy? Gassy? Colicky? SO MANY QUESTIONS! And the truth is, many of those will only be answered once the baby is here and the parents have time to get to know their child.

    But there are lots of things a new parent CAN prepare for before the bundle of joy arrives and thankfully, many baby stores, both online and in-store, have you covered with baby registries. Think of it like a bridal registry, but for babies! Everything and anything you need you can find and add to your list to share with family and friends so that they can help outfit your home for the new babe.

    Today we wanted to share with you two of our TOP picks that everyone should have on their baby registry that while they may not be the most glamorous, they are total game changers, especially if your baby should become sick.

    1.Braun Thermometer

    A baby thermometer is a must-have on every new parents baby registry list. Now, the truth is, most new parents will likely think to put a thermometer on their list, but perhaps they aren’t sure which kind. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really pay attention to brands when I was a first-time mom for stuff like this because we’ve been through AT LEAST five thermometers in the last eight years of having kids! That’s an insane amount of thermometers! We didn’t start with a touchless one, which was a problem to begin with. No baby wants something put in their mouth to test their temperature. Then I think we graduated to the inner ear one – and while that one wasn’t as troublesome for the kids to endure, it just wasn’t that accurate we found.

    The Braun No Touch + Forehead thermometer with Age Precision is a game changer! Not only does it read the temperatures in a matter of seconds by just scanning your childs forehead, it also allows you to enter three different age ranges for better accuracy. Even better is that this thermometer can be used to read the temperature of bath tub water (which is essential for newborn babies) as well as the temperate of food (perfect for growing toddlers).

    While a good quality thermometer might not be on the top of everyone’s wish list for a new baby, it absolutely is one of my go-to gifts for any new momma in my life!

    2. Vick’s Humidifier

    Have you ever heard the expression “as dry as the Sahara desert” before? Chances are you have and chances are you’ve actually experienced even dryer levels in your home during the winter months in Canada! True story!

    Having lived through eight winters with three babies in our home, I can’t tell you how many times we have used our Vick’s humidifier to help fight against the cold and flu. Sickness is an inevitable part of life, unfortunately, especially if your children are going to daycare and/or school. We all hate seeing our kids sick and will move heaven and earth to try and nurse our kids back to health.

    That’s why I swear by our humidifier, especially during cold and flu season. Did you know that studies have shown that keeping the humidity level of indoor air between 40-60% can help reduce the survival rate of viruses on surfaces and in the air at home?! That’s why humidifiers can make all the difference in your home and why this item should be on the top of everyone’s baby registry list!

    Even though my kids are all a little older, we still regularly use our Vick’s FilterFree Humidifier along with the Vicks VapoPads to add soothing vapours, which really makes a difference with coughs and congestion.

    Becoming a new parent is one of the best times in anyone’s life. Bringing a new human into the world is such a gift to be cherished. But it can also be super overwhelming trying to prepare and get everything in order before baby arrives. While having the super cute outfits and stuffies are definitely a part of the entire experience, making sure to add in a few of these essential items will help every new parent thrive once their new baby arrives!

    Love & Blessings,


    Note: This post was sponsored by Helen of Troy. As always, the thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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