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    Sparkle & Shine this Holiday Season

    There truly is nothing quite as relaxing as going to the spa for just about any of their treatments, followed up by a hair treatment and blow out at the neighbouring hair salon. 

    A few weeks back, I was invited to one of my favorite hair salon and spa’s “Sparkle and Shine” customer appreciation event where I was treated to a relaxing facial at mySpa, followed by a hair treatment at Erin Melinda Hair Studio


    Both the salon and spa are located next door to each other, in the beautiful Frenchman’s Bay area of Pickering, Ontario. This area of the city is one of our family’s favorites as the waterfront is truly spectacular with all the buildings looking like something out a New England novel! So gorgeous!

    I’ve been a long time customer of both Erin Melinda and mySpa, since we moved to Pickering a few years back and over time, I’ve developed a friendship with both of the owners and many of the staff. To say these places are warm and welcoming would be an under statement. 


    So being invited to come and be pampered for this event didn’t take much convincing! It was just a few weeks before my surgery which was such a stressful time for me as I was working overtime to get all my deadlines met. So this was a welcomed night off to sit back and truly relax!


    It started with a glorious facial at mySpa. I’ll be honest, it was hard for me to just relax at first, tune everything out and just focus on the stillness. I’m usually a talker when I go to the salon or spa, but on this particular occasion, I didn’t say a word. I actually almost fell asleep! SO relaxing!


    After grabbing a few sweet treats, I headed over to Erin Melinda to have a hair treatment. Can I let you in on a little secret? Having my hair washed and head massaged is quite literally one of my ALL TIME favorite things EVER! I could have sat, reclined at that sink, all night long had they let me! But alas, it was time to for a blow out to end off the wonderful evening of relaxation!

    I had actually just been to Erin Melinda salon a few days before to get my hair done. It was time for a change and the long hair was starting to drive me nuts! Just took too long to style it every single day. And with my recent rose gold obsession, I decided to try it on my hair, in lieu of my blonde ombre, which I’ve been sporting for a few years now.


    The color was a bit intense to start, but after a few washes, it became the exact color that I had hoped it would be! And I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!


    I wanted to thank my girls at Erin Melinda Hair Studio and mySpa for inviting me to such a fabulous night out! If you are ever in the Greater Toronto Area and want to experience a beautiful boutique style salon and spa, I would highly recommend both these places! You might even see me there!

    Love & Blessings,



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