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    Little Bean Baby Shower + My Favorite Gifts

    Recently, a few girlfriends and I hosted a baby shower for one of our friends that I wanted to share with you.

    Our friend Suzie, is having her first baby and it’s a boy! We were excited to plan a fun celebration for her. We decided on a “Little Bean” Coffee theme to reflect her undying love for anything COFFEE!

    Everything was coffee theme: from the colors (and we obviously added in some blue to reflect her growing little boy), the food, the party favors…everything! We even had a coffee bar where guests could order custom coffees! 

    little coffee bean baby shower

    Even the decor was coffee themed! I made these incredibly easy coffee filter flowers with just coffee filters and a glue gun! I used a hula hoop as the frame for the largest one and then two different sized frisbees for the smaller ones. Once they were finished, I added a fabric rosette to the center. 

    little coffee bean baby shower

    Naked cakes are seriously one of the easiest-yet-fancy-looking cakes to make. By simply staking three cakes together, for each layer, and covering them with a thin layer of buttercream icing until it’s somewhat smooth, you have yourself a upscale looking cake that really was no trouble at all! By adding some flowers as the topper and coffee beans along the bottom, this cake complimented the theme perfectly!

    little coffee bean baby shower

    One of my friends who hosted the shower with us, has recently started her own natural skincare company. She handmade these coffee scrubs that are AMAZING for all of the guests! How cute are these?!

    little coffee bean baby shower

    How fun are these speciality coffee orders that my friend created?! She literally set up what felt like a coffee bar in the kitchen and went around with her notepad taking everyone’s coffee orders! I wish I had her around my house most days! HA!

    little coffee bean baby shower

    And finally, here was the lovely momma-to-be, with the ever-so-cute Baby Moccasins from Mally Designs, which are made in Canada! Which leads me to the second part of this post, two of my favorite gifts to give at baby showers!

    IMG_6280little coffee bean baby shower

    Many of us have friends having babies and while a lot of times, the mom-to-be will register for gifts, I often times like to steer away from registries and get them something a little more unique and/or something that they wouldn’t think to ask for. 

    One of my favorite things to give at baby showers are leather baby moccasins. For the last few years, these have become a super trendy piece of fashion for baby and toddlers to wear. Having had three kids myself, I totally understand why. There are amazing shoes for your pre and beginner walker. They stay on your feet, unlike many other baby shoes on the market. And let’s not forget the obvious, they are SUPER cool looking! Can I get a pair in MY size?!

    little coffee bean baby showerThe second item I like to give at baby showers…well it’s more like items…is a gift basket of baby medicines. Again, having had three babies of my own, I know how handy having medication in the house can be at 3am, when your three month old won’t stop screaming!

    One of my favorite lines of baby medications is from Boiron. These are a line of all natural, homeopathic remedies for babies all the way up to pre-teens. 

    boiron natural baby medicines

    Having used Camilia Teething medicine before on all three kids, I can confidently say that this product works! Having a baby up throughout the night from pain of teething is no fun for ANYONE. Having these teething unit-doses on hand can be such a lifesaver so that everyone can enjoy a quiet night of sleep!

    boiron teething medicine

    Speaking of quiet, one of their kids remedies called Quietude is designed to help mild sleeping disorders from nightmares to irritability and restlessness. I am excited to try this one tonight especially because the last few nights, our littlest one has been having horrible sleeps. He keeps getting up in the night and is restless and loves waking up mommy and daddy, hence why we are so tired today. 


    The final kid remedy that I think is an amazing baby shower gift is the Cocyntal Baby Colic medicine. I am so grateful that I never had a child who had colic (although my middle son did have severe eczema and that caused quite a bit of screaming in his early days). But I know parents who did and used this product and swore by it! It helps relieve cramps caused by gas and intestinal spasms. 

    New moms don’t often think about the aches and pains that a newborn will have. It’s hard to predict what a baby will be like and if they will struggle with sleep issues, teething pain or colic. By giving them a gift basket of your favorite homeopathic remedies, you are equipping them to be able to help soothe those newborn baby issues at the first site of them!

    What are you favorite baby shower gifts to give? If you are a mom, what were your favorite gifts that you received? Let me know in the comments below!

    Love & Blessings,





    Note: I am one of the Boiron Ambassadors and will be working with them to review their line of homeopathic products over the next few months. There are special perks that come with this ambassadorship. However, as a long time fan of Boiron and their products (and as with every other product review that I do), these opinions are 100% my own and honest. 

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