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    Well, we are exactly 24 hours into our road trip down to Orlando, Florida and I am typing this from the passenger seat of our van, while my hubby continues to drive, the two oldest are deep into the latest episode of Paw Patrol and the baby is drifting off for his afternoon nap.

    Honestly, this trip has been wonderful so far! I just said to my husband that I think our kids were born to travel. They have always been excellent travel companions and this road trip has shown no different. I spent weeks planning the actual road trip part of this adventure out and it has definitely paid off. I will be blogging more about tips and tricks I’ve done that have made this trip go very smoothly.


    There has been so much excellent for this trip, not just because we are all thrilled to escape the minus 25 degree weather and hangout with the grandparents, but also because we are GOING TO DISNEY!!! Specifically, we are going to Magic Kingdom! This will be the kids first time and we were just too excited to wait to surprise them. Maybe you are like me, where you get too excited about a great surprise or gift to wait to share it and you end up telling the person long before the surprise or giving the gift early? That’s me…all the time! Waiting till Christmas to give gifts…painful! Planning a surprise party and not telling…torture! It’s not different with Disney…my kids have known since the day we booked the trip and the anticipation has been building ever since!

    We had very carefully planned out Disney experience, complete with princess costumes that we’ve brought from home and coordinating make-up for the big day! As we get ready for our magical experience, I am reminded of another amazing experience we had this past summer that I wanted to share with you.


    My mother-in-law and I took my daughter Leah to a Frozen Show with Elsa and Anna at Fantasy Fables in Burlington, Ontario. From the moment we stepped into this ballroom, I was very impressed! Every detail had clearly been thought through from the pink painted walls to the crystals chandeliers to the perfectly placed princess treats all over! It was magical…even for a grown-up! They had the most exquisite store with only the finest princess treasures to be found! They also had a superb hair salon where the littlest princesses were able to get their hair done by Tinkerbell, Aurora, Cinderella and Ariel! Further in was the grand ballroom, where the shows happen. All the little princesses were escorted in and waited anxiously for the show.

    As far as performances went, it was outstanding! Many of the princesses have worked for Disney before and it shows! Their voices, their acting, their character portrayals…all on point! For 30 minutes, we were whisked away into a world of imagination and magic! It was spectacular! After the show was over, there was a  meet-and-greet with Anna and Elsa. Seeing my little girl light up when she meet her princess heroes was worth the price of admission! Afterwards, Snow White, Aurora, Tinkerbell, Cinderella and Ariel were all available to meet and take pictures with as well! My little Leah was beside herself!


    It was such a wonderful experience and if you live in the GTA and have a little princess living in your home, you will definitely want to check out one of Fantasy Fables’ shows. They do various tea parties and sing-a-longs throughout the year, with the number of princesses that they have. You can also hire one of their princesses to come to your child’s birthday party or event. And if you live in other major cities across Canada and the US, I almost guarantee you will be able to find princess experiences like this. Although we are super fortunate to be going to Disney, not everyone can.Try googling princess experience or specific princess names and the city you live in and I’m sure you will be surprised with what comes up!


    Stay tuned for more about our upcoming Disney experiences! Happy weekend to you, my friends!

     Love & Blessings,



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