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    Fancy Afternoon Treat + Kids Tablescape

    Fancy Afterschool snack + kids tablescape

    By now, it should come as no surprise that I love any excuse to set up a fancy table and turn a regular occasion into a party! 

    Fancy Afterschool snack + kids tablescape

    I’ve also written before about how much my daughter loves party planning and decorating, almost as much as I do. I really try to nurture that in her while allowing for opportunities to flex her creative muscle.

    As I was away all weekend and missed the kids like crazy, I thought it would be fun to set up a little something special for them after school with a chocolate fondue treat and a fancy tablescape. Every time I do a tablescape for a special event or party, my kids get honestly just as excited as I do about it. So when I picked up the kids from school and told them that I had a special treat set up for them at home, their faces lit right up!

    Fancy Afterschool snack + kids tablescape

    We had to stop and grab the fruit at the grocery store and I let Leah pick the flowers to style the table. She was over the moon about this and while carnations aren’t ever my first choice, she thought they were perfect!

    Fancy Afterschool snack + kids tablescape

    To complete the look of this special kids tablescape, I added in these awesome and super colorful Funkins. These are eco-friendly, reusable napkins, that are as bright and colorful as my kids personalities. They are big enough to use them as a placemat but also perfect for folding up to serve as a napkin.

    Fancy Afterschool snack + kids tablescape

    With over 150 patterns to choose from, these Funkins are a super fun way to add a little excitement to your kids mealtime. Made of 100% cotton and free of lead and phthalate, you can rest assured that not only are you and your family being eco-friendly when using them, they are safe for the kids. Also, there is a convenient label for you to write your kids name on. This is especially great for when you send them in your kids school lunches. 

    Fancy Afterschool snack + kids tablescape

    The kids absolutely loved this afternoon treat and they really loved the Funkins. They thought it was so cool that their napkins and placemats had, and I quote “super duper awesome” designs! 

    It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas and these would make perfect stocking stuffers for the kids. Right now, you can use the exclusive code CANADA30 to get 30% off your next order! (Valid through September 30th). 

    Fancy Afterschool snack + kids tablescape

    Right now, we are also giving away a SIX pack of Funkins for your kids! Just click through and complete each task listed below for extra chances to win! (Note: open to Canadian shipping addresses only)

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    Sometimes in our busy, chaotic life, taking something simple (and typically not special) like after school snack and turning it into a fun and fancy treat can be really fun. The kids were SO excited to try chocolate fondue for the first time and it was a really special time for us to hang out. The Funkins were such a fun bonus that made our kids tablscape perfect for this affair!


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