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    5 Pieces to Street Style Chic

    5 pieces to street style chic

    5 pieces to street style chic

    I’ve found over the years of having children and more recently, working from home, I need my clothes to be practical, functional and most importantly COMFORTABLE! When I’m chasing kids around the house or park, I can’t be doing that in high heels and a pencil skirt (God bless the momma’s that do, but that just isn’t me).

    While I have admitted that most days I dawn yoga pants, I have been trying to put a little more effort into my look when I actually leave the house. 

    So today, I wanted to share with you five pieces to street style chic. This post probably most reflects my style and what I wish all my pieces would look like! A little bit chic, a little bit edgy, and casual! Most importantly, it’s practical, functional and comfortable (as mentioned above!)

    5 pieces to street style chic

    So here’s the breakdown of the look, five pieces to street style chic:

    1. Faded Jeans
    Lets park here for a minute with the jeans. As I’ve mentioned before, I sit somewhere in this weird world of not quite a plus sized but also not average size. This is why I love Old Navy…they don’t really make you choose because their sizes go all the way up to 20 (I believe). Sometimes I fit into a medium sized top and then an XL size pant. It’s weird. I know. I’ve shed many tears of frustration in the change rooms, trust me. BUT…it’s my body and it’s part of my journey, especially after having had three kids in four years. 

    So I’m sure loads of people might tell you that if you are a “bigger” girl to not wear lighter colored jeans. And in the past, I would have said the same thing. But when I saw these at Old Navy, I loved them! They are by far the lightest pants I own (and I do think that black is still more flattering) but these are still so much fun and insanely comfortable to wear, for a pair of jeans.

    Also, they did NOT come with rips in them. I did that myself. I will put up a tutorial in the next few weeks of how I did that…but let me preface it by saying it was SO easy to do! I was worried at first, but that was silly because once I started “weathering” them, I was like “Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

    2. Basic Black Tee
    Also from Old Navy (and a size medium), this loose black tee with cape sleeves is perfect with it’s simple embellishments. With it being black and loose, it does wonders for that post-momma tummy that you might not be so excited to have on display. 

    Also, the thing about wearing a plain tee like this is that it’s the perfect canvas for all your other pieces to really stand out. In this case, I wanted the necklace, the plaid shirt and the jeans to be the focus, not the shirt.

    3. Plaid Shirt
    As we head into Fall, plaid is all the rage right now. Again, wanting to stick within this comfy, street chic style, layering my outfit with the plaid is the perfect addition to this Fall look. And as the weather seems to be so drastic right now between morning, midday and evening, it’s great to have pieces that you can put on and take off, as the temperatures rise and fall.

    4. Combat Boots
    These are my absolute go-to boot for the Fall. They are so comfortable, as I can slip in and out of them with ease and yet still help keep my feet stylish while running errands. I picked these up from Target, before they left Canada (anyone other Canadians still reeling from that heartbreak like I am?!) and I was able to get them at a fraction of what my local shoe store was selling them for! Win-win.

    5. Statement Necklace
    I love me a good statement necklace, especially this one. It’s funny because I’ve actually been asked a few times if there is a good story behind this particular necklace, like did I buy it off the streets of India, because it apparently looks really unique. I would love to tell you that that was in fact the case, however, it’s actually from Forever21! HA! But nonetheless, when I saw it, I knew I needed it because of how unique it looked and how much of a statement it would make when I wore it!

    Statement necklaces don’t have to cost you a fortune…just look in the right places. Because trends are constantly changing, and also because I have three small monkeys as children who love to climb all over me and have broken one too many of my necklaces, I personally don’t like to spend a ton of money on these pieces. Shop places like Forever21, H&M, Target (for you lucky Americans), Superstore and even Walmart!

    5 pieces to street style chicIf you are wanting to shop a similar look, I’ve put together this curated board of comparable items so that you can also be street style chic! Just click through each image to be taken to the site where you can purchase them! Happy shopping!

    Love & Blessings,




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