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    Supporting the ‘Ladies’ With Comfort

    Alright ladies, let’s take a moment to talk about the ‘ladies.’ Men, sorry, this may be a post you want to skip over or pass on to the women in your life.

    So let’s start with a few general statements, shall we?! 

    If you are a woman, you wear a bra. I realize there may be some exceptions to that statement, but for the most part, most women in todays’ day and age wear some kind of bra. 

    So, if you are a woman and if you wear a bra, chances are, you’ve had moments where you don’t enjoy wearing your bra. I’m not sure that I’ve met many woman who actually LOVE wearing their bra.

    Because here’s the honest truth: most bras out there are not very comfortable. I’ve often joked that I’m convinced that it must be males designing bra’s for women because I’ve just never really found one that FITS.

    Speaking of fit, I think one of the reasons bras are so uncomfortable can also be related to poor fit. The very first bra fitting I had was two years ago and I’ve been wearing a bra for over 20 years, where I was told I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size and shape for my body.

    But even still, after that bra fitting, the bra that I was shown, tried on and ultimately purchased, I ended up hating about five minutes after leaving the store as the straps kept falling down and the bra was creeping up my back. So uncomfortable.

    So what is it when it comes to bras and comfort?! Why is it SO hard to find the PERFECT fit?! I mean, I know that every women out there has her own unique shape, which will therefore require its own unique style of bra. For me, over the years, I quickly learned that I HATED underwire in my bra’s. No thank you! And if I’m TOTALLY honest, since having kids, I find myself most days rocking the sports bra as it’s just the most comfortable support I have been able to find.

    Until recently, when I discovered the WonderBra brand. Ok, well, I didn’t just recently discover WonderBra, because everyone knows who the WonderBra brand is right?! But only recently did I finally TRY two of them on.

    Ok, people. Let me be 100% straight with you here: I LOVED THEM! EVEN THE UNDERWIRE ONE! I’m not even slightly exaggerating here. I put them on, with some hesitation, because I honestly DREAD trying on bra’s (especially since I ordered these online and was only sent ONE size, not being able to try on multiple). 

    When I say “Fit like a glove” I quite literally mean it. Actually, I should probably coin it as “Fit like a proper bra should!” 

    So the first bra that I tried on was the #2590, which has a smoothing back for a sleeker look underneath clothing. It is also wire free (YAY) and has a U-shaped back to help prevent straps from slipping (DOUBLE YAY). After wearing it for a few hours, I legitimately forgot that I had a BRA on! Like when has that ever happened?!

    So ladies, here’s my question to you: how are YOUR ladies feeling today? Unsupported? Frustrated? Uncomfortable? If the answer to any of those is YES, make sure to try out a WonderBra bra today. You can get them at The Bay. I can’t believe it’s taken me over TWENTY years to truly discover this brand. Now that I have, I’m sold for life!

    True story.


    Love & Blessings,




    Note: This post was sponsored by the WonderBra brand. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make Amidst the Chaos possible! 

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