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    A New Take on Kids Easter Baskets

    Spring is here and it’s hard to believe that this coming weekend is Easter! Truly one of our favourite times of the year as there is new life starting to bloom outside, fresh tulips adorning the vases at home and little chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies in every aisle at the grocery store.

    Easter traditions are something that I think almost every family has, whether it’s Easter egg hunts, baskets, Easter dinner, etc. I can remember when I was younger, we used to get the same chocolate Easter egg with our names written on them in white icing every single Easter. It was a tradition and we loved it!

    Now, being a mom to my own children, we’ve started developing our own Easter traditions with our kids. One of these traditions is actually to reinvent an old tradition: the Easter baskets!

    You see, traditionally, Easter baskets come filled with little Easter trinkets and chocolates that usually aren’t very good. Instead, every Easter, we like to try and fill our kids baskets with all kinds of interesting items that you wouldn’t normally find in an Easter basket.

    I thought I would show you how I filled my daughter’s Easter basket this year to give you some inspiration for filling your kids baskets too!

    Before I even went shopping, you know I had to have a theme! This year I wanted to build the entire basket around my favourite Easter bunny, the Lindt Gold Bunny, of course. So I had gold and red on my mind, knowing I would also add in lots of white and natural colors. Having a color palate when it comes to something like this can really help keep it cohesive and look that much more put together.

    For starters, I found a super unique looking basket at the thrift store. I loved the straight across-the-top metal handle as opposed to the traditional curved handles. I simply spray painted the basket white and then used a gold acrylic paint to do a trim. Super easy with paint I had on hand and the basket only cost me two dollars. Off to a great start!

    Next, let’s talk about the non-food items in the basket. Again, I usually aim for items that are a little different from the traditional: something that they will actually use and play with.

    This year, I started off with this beautiful gold, mini tea set that I also found at the thrift store. It was just so gorgeous and quite out of the ordinary, so I knew it would be the perfect addition. My daughter loves having tea parties, but her last tea set broke, so this is a perfect, more sophisticated set to give her, now that she’s a bit older.

    Next, I added in some arts and games. My daughter loves to draw, so this cute little notepad and metallic pencils that I found fit the bill perfectly. I also added in a small, wooden x’s and o’s game that she can bring with her to school or when we travel on the road.

    And then we can’t forget the glam! I found this amazing gold crown headband at the thrift store, as well as the pearl bracelets. Then I added in some nail polish and lip gloss to help pull it all together.

    Now that we have all those items, it’s time to bring in the stars of the show: the bunnies! Did you know that they’ve been making these guys since 1952?! Neither did I! I also didn’t know that more than 3 million of the Lindt Gold Bunny were sold in Canada alone last year! With so many amazing flavour options to choose from like milk, dark, white and hazelnut, it’s no wonder why these bunnies are the go-to choice for families year round!

    So I added in a few different sizes of the milk chocolate Gold Bunny (those are my daughters favorites) and decided to complete the entire basket with a red bow, just like the one around the bunny’s neck to “tie” it all together.

    Needless to say, my daughter was elated when she saw the basket! Not only did she think it was beautiful but she also recognized her gold bunny friend right away and of course, went straight for the chocolate!

    Speaking of friends, you MUST check out the new app that Lindt has created just in time for this Easter season called “The Bell that Rang in Easter”, which tells of a story between Theo the Bunny and Emma the girl that are on an interactive quest in search for the perfect Easter gift. It is truly the ‘sweetest’ app out there and your kids will love discovering just how the Gold Bunny came to be!

    And now it’s your turn to be able to celebrate this Easter with Lindt Gold Bunny as part of your family tradition! Right now, I am giving away a $100 Lindt Gold Bunny prize pack that includes a 1kg Gold Bunny! There are seven ways to enter below! The contest is open to Canadians only and will run from now until Monday, April 17th, 2017. Winner will be notified via email and will be announced here after. Best of luck!

    Well there you have my different take on a traditional kids Easter basket! I hope you are inspired to look outside the typical basket ideas and really celebrate this season with fun items that your children will love and cherish. And don’t forget about the Gold Bunny! That guy is ALWAYS a hit!

    Hoppy Easter!

    Love & Blessings,




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    Note: This post is sponsored by Lindt Canada where I may have received product and/or monetary compensation in exchange for my honest review. As always, the thoughts and creative ideas are 100% my own!

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