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    Celebrating Friendships with Pure Leaf

    I absolutely love getting together with my friends over coffee and sweet treats. Whether it be at my home, their home or somewhere out, spending time catching up with a friend is truly something that I cherish.

    Over the years, I’ve learned that my love language is truly time spent together. We all live such busy lives and I know there is a million and one other things we could all be doing, but setting time apart to spend with your friends is such a gift that we should cherish! So having friends over, even if it’s just for a short coffee break, truly makes my heart soar!

    While I absolutely love coffee, recently, I decided to try and switch it up for my hangouts with my girlfriends and try something new: peach tea and yogurt parfaits! Pure Leaf Canada has their peach tea now available in a 1.75 L bottle, which is the perfect size for sharing with family and friends. 

    When I first tried this tea, I honestly wasn’t too sure what to expect. I’m not regularly a tea drinker (as I said above, it’s all about the coffee for me). But iced tea is a totally different story, so I had high hopes! And boy, did Pure Leaf ever deliver! Brewed from real tea leaves, steeped in water, you can taste the pure taste that is filled with delicious flavours and no artificial ingredients. 

    The perfect pairing to serve alongside this peach tea is a simple peach yogurt parfait. Start with a vanilla base yogurt. Slice up a few peach slices and layer on top. Then sprinkle on your favorite granola. Finish off with a drizzle of honey and you are set! The perfect light and refreshing snack to serve your family or friends! 

    So tell me, how do you connect with those closest to you? Do you plan coffee dates? Perfect meet up somewhere for a lunch date? Dinner over at your home? Whatever it is that you do to get together, may I encourage you to just make sure you get together?! In a day and age where we are all too busy, it’s so vitally important to find time to pause and make space for those most important to us!

    Love & Blessings,





    Note: This post was sponsored by Pure Leaf Canada as part of their influencer program where I have received product and/or monetary compensation in exchange for my review. As always, the opinions and ideas expressed are 100% my own!

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