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    The Most Moisturizing Shave with Schick Intuition

    I’ll be honest, shaving my legs is probably one of the self-care “chores” I enjoy the least. Partly because it always seems to take up so much time but also because you know your legs are going to be prickly by the next day and you will have to repeat the process all over.

    I think another reason I’ve always loathed shaving my legs is because I’ve never found the perfect razor. I’ve tried most brands geared towards women out there and while some work decently well, the price point for refills have always been a point of hesitation for me.

    So I need to confess that for the past year or so, I’ve been using my husbands disposable razors! GAH! It started out of necessity because my razor was just TOO old to reuse one more time. Then I noticed that it did a decent job and I just kept using it.

    schick intuition razor

    But here’s the MAJOR problem with men’s disposable razors: they dry your skin out like nothing else! While they perform decently well by removing all those unsightly hairs, they leave your skin feeling dryer than the Sahara Desert in drought! 

    As someone who already struggles with dry skin, this has been a tricky problem to rectify. I usually find myself putting on lotion a number of times post-shower.

    The other issue I’ve often faced when shaving my legs is that I can’t be bothered to purchase and use ANOTHER product in the shower. What am I talking about exactly? Shaving cream! When I was younger, I had no problem buying the nicest smelling creams on the market, as I had all the time in the world to take a bath, lather up and shave. 

    schick intuition razor

    But now with three young kids, shower time is all about necessity and efficiency: get in, do what you gotta do to get clean and get out! FAST! Hence, there’s never time to apply ANOTHER product. 

    So along with using hubby’s razors, I’ve started only using soap as “shaving cream.” This would probably explain why my legs are SO dry once I get out of the shower. 

    Recently, I was sent the new Schick Intuition  Razor, which helps address BOTH of these issues: it lathers AND moisturizes during shaving. This almost seems to good to be true! Like I said, I had somewhat given up on women razors and shaving creams…but something that comes all packaged together in ONE unit and has a decent price point, I was game to try.

    schick intuition razor

    For starters, the Schick Intuition comes in three varieties: Pure Nourishment, Advanced Moisture and Sensitive Care. So there is one for every skin type out there. I have been using the Pure Nourishment that is a blend of coconut milk and almond oil and let me tell you, it smells amazing!

    I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but the minute the razor hit the water, the magic happened! It truly does lather on your leg as you shave, making it possible for a one-stop-shop kind of shaving experience. No need to lather on shaving cream or soap, it’s already included in the razor! And because of this, it makes shaving so much smoother and more efficient. 

    schick intuition razor

    The Schick Intuition razor is a game changer for me and I’m so glad that I’ve discovered it! Now, it’s time for YOU to discover it too! I’ve partnered with Schick to give 25 readers a chance to receive a razor for FREE, in exchange for their honest review on Amazon.ca. Once you have completed the review, you will be entered in a contest to receive a $100 Amazon.ca gift card. How awesome is that?! Free razor and chance to win $100?! 

    If you would like to be a part of this opportunity, please fill out this Google Doc with all of your information. Note, I only have room for 25 participants. UPDATE: Giveaway is full and now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered! More to come!

    BEFORE entering, please read all of the giveaway qualifications carefully. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only who are age of majority. Once selected for the review, you must answer a skill testing question. In order to leave a review on Amazon.ca, you must have made a purchase from the site within the last six months. Once you have left the review on Amazon.ca, you must send me the link in order to be entered for the $100 gift card draw. 

    Happy Shaving!

    Love & Blessings,





    Note: This is a sponsored post and I was given some perks in return for my honest review. As always, opinions are 100% my own!

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