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    Favorite Food-Themed Pool Floats

    Two things that I absolutely love: food and swimming. Usually, those two things don’t go together. Having grown up with a pool in my backyard, I learned that from a young age that I always had to wait 20 minutes to swim after I ate.

    But wait no more because now with these amazing food-themed pool floats, you can bring your food into the water with you! Hallelujah! 

    You’ve probably seen the donut pool float for awhile now as it first hit the waterways last summer. But since then, it’s invited all of it’s other food friends to come party too! We are talking everything from popcorn to ice cream cones, pretzels and pineapples!

    Click on over to grab one or two of these tasty treats for you and your family to enjoy this summer while out in the pool or floating on the lake! This summer just got a lot tastier with these pool floats!

    Food themed Pool Floats

    1. Chocolate Pretzel 2. Watermelon Slice 3.Tri-Color Popsicle
    4. Sprinkle Donut 5. Bucket of Popcorn 6. Ice Cream Cone
    7. Pineapple 8. Ice Crean Sandwich

    This last weekend, we bought the donut pool float for our family to use while we were at the Elora Quarry (more on that later this week). I don’t know how many people stopped to talk about our pool float! Seriously! Not only that, floating in the same quarry was the pineapple and two different kinds of popsicles! It really just makes for some lighthearted fun as well as great conversation with perfect strangers when these food-flavored pool floats make their appearance at any beach!

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