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    An Open Letter To My Husband, On His Birthday


    Dear Husband,

    Today is your day. We pause on THIS day, to celebrate YOU. Your birth. Your journey. Your life. 

    Ever since we were an ‘item’, we have never been into real public displays of affection. Sure, we would hold hands in public, but much beyond that, we weren’t really comfortable with. Even when it comes to gushing about each other online in this social media crazed era, neither of us tend to do so, like so many of our peers do.

    But today, since it is YOUR day, I thought I would take the opportunity to openly ‘gush.’ So get over the awkwardness of this right off the bat, sit back and enjoy your celebration!

    I want to start by saying that you are probably one of the best people I know. Hands down. While you’re not the flashiest, smoothest or most musically inclined person out there, you are overall one of the greatest humans on this planet. And I don’t think I’ve said that to you enough times.

    There aren’t many people in this world that can get along with anyone. You are one of the rare exceptions. While I sometimes struggle to find common ground with certain people, you don’t. I’ve known you for over 14 years now, and it’s remarkable how you can get along, so easily, with quite literally ANYONE. 

    You never hold a grudge. You are quick to forgive and also quick to recognize when you’ve made a mistake and ask for forgiveness. 

    You are a leader and yet you are easily teachable. So many people look up to you, including myself and our three children. 

    Speaking of children, you are quite honestly one of the best dads I’ve ever seen. I remember that you were worried what kind of father you would be when we were expecting our first child because you never really had a steady father figure in your life, growing up. Yet the moment that you name changed to “Daddy,” you slipped into that new role with great enjoyment and ease. 

    The way that you make time for your family is something that I cherish in this busy day and age. While I’ve heard many women complain about their spouse not being around enough, I always feel such a sense of pride and relief, knowing that you are. 

    You believe in other people and truly rally alongside of them to see them succeed and achieve their dreams. This is not only true of those you work with, but also with me. I’ve had many different dreams, ideas and desires in our 10+ married years together and you’ve supported them ALL, without complaint. If it means sacrificing a night out or even having to re-arrange your schedule, you gladly do it.

    You are an excellent communicator. People are drawn to you when you speak and hang on every word you say. Your memory of your childhood is exquisite and how you weave those stories into your messages and use them to inspire others is fascinating. 

    You are a thinker and you are very wise. You take time to process things and think before you speak. 

    You are a comedian and always have people laughing, especially me. You’re a kid at heart and that’s what makes you so lovable. You don’t take yourself or anything else for that matter, too seriously. Yet you also have great focus.

    You always see the positive in both life situations and in people. You always give people ‘the benefit of the doubt.’  And your ‘glass’ is always half full. 

    Chris, you truly are a blessing to all that know you and I am privileged to be the one that you chose to do life with. Although you weren’t everything that I ‘thought’ I wanted in a mate when we first met, you turned out to be so so so much more. It is an honor to be your wife and partner in life and today, I wanted to take a minute to honor you!

    To end this letter to you, I thought I would leave you with the lyrics from the 1929 hit “You’re the Cream in My Coffee.”

    You’re the cream in my coffee,
    You’re the salt in my stew;
    You will always be my necessity–
    I’d be lost without you.

    You’re the starch in my collar,
    You’re the lace in my shoe;
    You will always be my necessity–
    I’d be lost without you.

    Most men tell love tails,
    And each phrase dovetails.
    You’ve heard each known way,
    This way is my own way.

    You’re the sail of my love boat,
    You’re the captain and crew;
    You will always be my necessity–
    I’d be lost without you.

    You give life savor,
    Bring out its flavor;
    So this is clear, dear,
    You’re my worcestershire, dear.

    You’re the sail of my love boat,
    You’re the captain and crew;
    You will always be my necessity–
    I’d be lost without you.

    Happy Birthday Babe, I love you! xox

    Love & Blessings,







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