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    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    Today I am excited to share with you this rustic glam Christmas tablescape! I wanted to create something that was both rustic and had a forest feel to it but also had elements of glamour and chic!

    Rustic Glam Christmas TablescapeI started with three lanterns and candles. This added not only height to the table but also warmth from the candlelight. A good rule of thumb when decorating a table is you always want to consider what is happening around eye level, once guests are seated. You either want to keep your tablescapes below eye level or above. So by placing the tallest lantern in the middle, far above eye level, guests are still able to see one another while seated. 

    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    Next, I layered in some Christmas greens. I purchased a mixed bundle of boughs, trimmed the ends and started layering them on the table. There doesn’t have to be rhyme or reason to it, you are just wanting to get good coverage on the table. I then added in some Christmas potpourri amongst the greens. This added a extra layer of depth and also a beautiful smell!

    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    I added in some votive candles and smaller lanterns with tealights to add more warmth and interest. Using a few deer decorations, I added some in to help tie the theme together.

    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    When it comes to the dinnerware, I started with chalkboard charger plates. I purchased a bunch of random chargers from my local thrift store that were all mismitched in color. I simply painted them with chalkboard paint to make them look unified and add a layer of DIY, personal touch to the table. 

    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    On top of the chargers, I used my Wedgwood Night & Day fine china alongside my new Cambridge Indira Anya Flatware! I love the look of the mixed metal as well as the hand-hammered stems…gives it a real rustic yet glam look and feel!

    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    To bring in an added layer of “woodsey”, I used wood bark coasters for the wine glasses. I absolutely love juxtaposition between the rustic and chic here. 

    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    For the napkins, I used a Christmas tartan napkin in a black, blue, green and red color palette. These just scream Christmas to me and I love how they tie in the rustic yet sophisticated feel together.

    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    Finally, my husband and I made deer head name card holders out of an ornament and remnant birch branch from my Christmas planter. I actually forgot to put a name card on the antlers, but you could use it either way…for names or simply as decoration. I found these beautiful deer head ornaments at Superstore and my hubby cut down the leftover birch branch into rounds and made a small hole at the top. Then I glue the deer ornament into it. I actually think they are my favorite part of the entire Christmas tablescape!

    Rustic Glam Christmas Tablescape

    Here is a step by step guide of how I set up each item!

    You can shop this look here! Many of the same or similar items are all listed here so that you can create a similar look for your upcoming Christmas dinner!


    Love & Blessings,





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  • Reply Ashley December 11, 2015 at 4:43 pm

    I love this! Natural elements are the best type of Christmas d├ęcor in my opinion. It just brings such a cozy feel to the room.

  • Reply Justine Y @ Little Dove Creations December 12, 2015 at 1:34 am

    You always have the prettiest tablescapes! Thanks for sharing all the links to the products Christine, that flatware set is so pretty!

  • Reply The Southern Thing December 12, 2015 at 2:24 am

    What a gorgeous tablescape!

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