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    How to Make a Christmas Planter

    How to Make a Christmas Planter

    Today I am sharing with you a fun and crafty Christmas DIY: How to Make a Christmas Planter.

    You can find these pre-made in stores but typically they are expensive and quite honestly, I don’t usually love every element about them. So I wanted show you all how to make your own Christmas planter. It’s really easy AND you get the chance to customize it to look exactly how YOU want to!

    How to Make a Christmas Planter

    Before I start with the materials needed, I want to say that if you have access to Christmas greens, curly willow, pinecones and birch branches for free, USE IT! Even if one of your friends has some property and doesn’t mind you using some of their greens and birch, go for it! Nothing is better than FREE supplies to make this! 

    How to Make a Christmas Planter

    List of Supplies:

    • 3 variations of Christmas greens
    • Curly Willow
    • Birch branches/logs
    • Pinecones
    • Christmas ornaments 
    • Planting pot
    • Potting soil
    • Urn/Planter

    How to Make a Christmas Planter

    I made a step by step video to show you exactly how to make this planter. So instead of listing it all out, check out this video for the how-to steps for this Christmas planter. 

    Why not head out to your local greenhouse or store and purchase some Christmas greens to make yourself a beautiful Christmas planter this weekend! Enjoy!

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