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    How to Make Fruit Sushi

    We had friends visiting from the U.S.A. a few weeks ago that we hadn’t seen in over seven years so we decided to do a few fun things with all our kids. One of those, was making fruit sushi! 

    how to make fruit sushi

    My kids actually love real sushi…they’ve been exposed to it from a very early age. But we thought we would change it up a bit and make a fun snack time, where the kids could get involved in making it and then have fun eating it. Cause a lot of the fun with sushi lies within the EATING when using chopsticks!

    how to make fruit sushi

    And speaking of chopsticks, I am SO excited to have partnered up with Marcus & Marcus to share with you their fabulous product line for kids. I will be sharing all about it TOMORROW, but today, you’re going to get a sneak peak of my FAVORITE product of theirs: kids chopsticks! I discovered these back in September and fell in love with them. As I said, my kids LOVE sushi but have often struggled learning how to use chopsticks (and don’t even THINK about suggesting they use a fork!)

    how to make fruit sushi

    We love these Marcus & Marcus chopsticks! They have five different characters that you an choose from and are the perfect way for kids to learn how to use chopsticks. I will have a full review tomorrow, but for TODAY, we are giving away TWO prize packs that include three pairs of chopsticks each! Check below for the details!

    how to make fruit sushihow to make fruit sushiLet’s talk for a few minutes about how to make the fruit sushi. I’ve included a video tutorial but here is a list of supplies you will need:

    • Rice Krispy squares
    • JuJubes (or another type of chewy candy)
    • Fruit-by-the-Foot roll ups

    It’s a fairly simple process how to make fruit sushi. 

    First, you will want to use a rolling pin to roll out the rice krispy squares. This will flatten the squares.

    Next, take the chewy candy and line them up, length to length. Then, start rolling the rice krispy square around the candy. You might have to reshape the roll a little as you go, in case it starts breaking apart. Once you have the roll made, you will want to cut it in half.

    Finally, wrap the roll with the fruit by the foot fruit roll ups. And that’s it! This is a fun and simple snack that the kids can get involved with.

    how to make fruit sushi how to make fruit sushiMake sure to enter the giveaway below to win chopsticks for your kids! I promise you that they will LOVE them! And make sure to come back TOMORROW to read my full product line review on Marcus & Marcus plus a BIG prize pack giveaway!

    how to make fruit sushi


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