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    Trick or Treat Halloween Party

    Trick or Treat Halloween Party

    With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I would share a party that myself and a friend threw a few years back to celebrate this frightful day. I’m not typically one to decorate or really celebrate Halloween. We didn’t grow up celebrating it much. We did trick or treat a few times but mostly we would go to the church and participate in various harvest parties. But when someone asks if I will help them host a party, you know that I’m down for that!

    My friend Ashley (pictured with me below) had this awesome idea to do a Trick or Treat Halloween Party. So we got together and brain stormed all the awesome decor we could set up, themed food we could prepare and some fun games to play.

    We had such a blast and it turned out better than we both had thought it would, so I thought I would share it with you today. A note to remember, this was done three years ago, long before I was ever blogging and taking pictures with a blog in mind. We also did the party at night and therefore it was really dark in the house. So I’ve had to really work with these pictures to try and lighten them up for your viewing pleasure! 

    Trick or Treat Halloween Party

    Whenever you are wanting to throw a party, having one central table is always a good idea. And usually against a wall. This allows for you to set up one main area with all your decor and focus everyone’s attention to one spot. It also allows for you to hang fabric and make backdrops for the table that will take your party to a whole other level. 

    In our previous home, we had a great wall in our kitchen where we would set up our main party tables against. We had a large picture hanging there, so we just covered it with black garbage bags (it was kinda fitting for the party) and then we started layering. We used some cotton that we found at the craft store and pulled it apart to give it a more rustic feel to it. We added in some burlap to give it great texture. 

    Next, Ashley had these fabulous trees that she had used as decor at her wedding and we were able to incorporate them into the tablescape. We added in a few vintage suitcases to add height as well as some lamps for lighting.

    I found this “Trick or Treat” bunting banner on Etsy and had it printed at my local copy center. Add in a few cardstock birds, some plastic spiders and orange candy for decor and the table was set! 

    Trick or Treat Halloween Party

    We then had a friend of ours make this fabulous spider web cake which matched our party theme so perfectly! 

    For the food, we did chicken wings, a baked cheese dip and “Mummies in a blanket” aka mini weiners wrapped in crescent rolls! We also had some chocolate strawberry ghosts, caramel corn and enough candy to go around twice!

    Trick or Treat Halloween Party1

    For the drink we made a simple orange punch but for added fun, we made ice cubes with little bugs frozen into them! It was such a hit and really such an easy thing to add to the drinks!

    Trick or Treat Halloween Party

    Trick or Treat Halloween Party

    For activities, we had a few “Guess How Many” games with various candy. And then we did a carve your own pumpkin station at our kitchen table. It was fun to see what everyone came up with. 

    Also, we had a strobe light going, which we unfortunately couldn’t capture in the pictures, but really added to the “spook” factor of the party!

    Trick or Treat Halloween Party

    In the end, we had such a great party. The guests had a blast, everyone coming dressed up as someone else. The food, the scene and the overall vibe made for an incredible night with friends!

    Trick or Treat Halloween Party

    Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, how? Do you keep it to just trick or treating or do you go all out with a party and decorations? Let me know in the comments below!

    Love & Blessings,



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