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    Fine China Obessions

    Fine China Obsessions

    I can remember watching The Nate Berkus Show a few years back and I was daily inspired by what they featured. I was really sad when it went off the air. One of the pieces of advice I can remember Nate giving his viewers, was to try and use your fine china as much as you can. There is this idea that fine china is to be seen and not touched. Nate challenged that notion by emphasizing that if you do not use it, what’s the point in having it! Dinnerware is meant to be used, not just looked at! So once I heard that, I decided to try and find excuses to use it more! 

    We absolutely love our fine china. I have told the story about being hesitant on even wanting to register for it on my Launch Party post. But since we do have it, we have decided to use it as much as we can because at the end of the day, that is the point of having nice dinnerware. I also wrote about how we bought similar looking Corelle dishes so that our kids can also have a similar look at our dinner parties when we did our Greek Inspired Dinner Party.  

    If you are engaged and deciding on whether to register for fine china or not, or simply you’re at a point in your life where you would like have fancier dishes for your dinner parties, here are a few tips when selecting the perfect fine china.

    Fine China Obsessions

    1. Just Do it!
    Just register for the fine china. Go for it! This is the best time to put all the elaborate items on your wishlist. And if no one ends up buying it for you, that’s ok. Nothing’s lost. We had thought there would be no way someone who spend that kind of money on dishes for us. But we were wrong. My husband’s Granny had a specific amount of money and was able to purchase five sets for us. Then in the coming years, she would add another set on each anniversary. It is awesome to have that piece of her always present with us when we use those dishes.

     2. Stick to something neutral. 
    Trends come and go. What’s popular now might not necessarily be cool in 10 years (in fact, I can almost guarantee that it won’t be). When you are making an investment into your dinnerware, you want to make sure that you get as much longevity from it as you can. You don’t want your dishes to be uncool in 10 years. Stick with the classics. You will never go wrong with white, gold, silver, platinum and with a relatively neutral pattern.

    3. Pick Something That Will Be Around For Five Years
    When we were picking our fine china, the sales lady let us know of one of Wedgwood’s policies: they guarantee that that same set will be available for five years after the date of purchase. This is because they realize that not everyone can afford to purchase 12 place settings all at once. So as long as people keep purchasing that specific set, you can rest assured that it won’t be discontinued anytime soon. So make sure whatever set you are buying has that same guarantee.

    4. Pick Something That You Will Actually Use
    Like I stated above, we make sure that we use our fine china. Yes, I do get a tad more nervous when I pull them out, especially around kids. However, I still use them. There is no point in purchasing something that is SO fancy that you will never use. Pick something that is beautiful but also useable.

    1. Wedgwood Day & Night Collection {Our fine china}

    A modern-day equivalent of an original 18th Century pattern, the Night & Day Collection is characterized by timeless design details that have resiliently stood the test of time.

    2. Mikasa Adelaide Platinum Collection

    Mikasa’s lovely Adelaide Platinum Dinnerware Collection is a celebration of classic style. This traditional, all-white bone china boasts a graceful scalloped shape with thick platinum banding for a look of simple sophistication.

    3. Waterford Lismore Lace Platinum 5 Piece Collection 

    Lismore Lace Platinum features an interpretation of Irish lacework and the venerated Waterford Lismore pattern in dazzling, rich platinum detail against pristine white bone china. A classically traditional formal dinnerware pattern, Lismore Lace Platinum will resonate with the lover of luxury lifestyle tableware.

     4. Marchesa by Lennox Empire Pearl Collection 

    A show-stopping collection from Marchesa by Lenox, Empire Pearl dinnerware wows everyone around the formal table with bedazzling platinum patterns in fine bone china. Gracefully shaped plates, bowls and more lend chic style to entertaining.

    5. Kate Spade New York Larabee Road Platinum Collection 

    The sassy polka dot patterns on this dinnerware impart a bit of whimsy. The platinum accents make it grand.

     6. Vera Wang Wedgwood Vera Lace Gold Dinnerware

    Inspired by the brightly hued corsages from renowned New York designer Vera Wang’s bridal collection, the Lace Collection is characterized by understated elegance. Decorated with a refined pattern that weaves together a unique combination of tailored lace bands and delicate florals; bringing a touch of platinum to any dining occasion.

    You can click through each image above and shop directly from the blog! How cool, right?! I’d love to know what YOUR favorite design is and how you use your fine china. Let me know in the comments below! 


    Love & Blessings,




    * Disclaimer: This post does content some affiliate links where I may receive a small commission to feature the products on my site. My promise to you is that I will always only feature products that I love and would shop myself. You can read more about my disclaimer policies here.


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