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    DIY Builder Grade Mirror Makeover

    DIY Builder Grade Mirror Makeover

    We bought our current home just over a year ago. It is the third home we have purchased but it is the first home that has been brand new. In the previous two homes, there were loads of things that needed to be fixed/updated/completed renovated, but not this home. We got to pick out many features including our countertops, cabinets, flooring, etc. It was really exciting to select the items we loved and see it all go in brand new rather than ripping out someone else’s work and dropping in our own.

    But even with a brand new house, not every feature do you get to choose (unless you are building a custom home with a private builder, which we were not). The one feature that I think is most commonly placed in brand new homes without upgrade options are the “builder-grade” bathrooms mirrors. Even in my parents custom built home, their mirrors are just a slab of glass on the wall (although they are huge!)

    Now, you could just remove that builder grade mirror from the wall and replace it with a store-bought framed mirror. We did this for our basement bathroom, which you can read more about here. The mirror was small enough and we actually had the perfect sized mirror already to fit that space. If you do try to shop for a framed mirror to fit those larger spaces, you will likely notice two things: 1. It’s very hard to find a framed mirror that is “bathroom” size and 2. If you do find a framed mirror that is approximately the right size, it’s bound to cost you at least $200+. 

    There is a more affordable way to frame out these mirrors and make them look like a custom piece that you bought. For us, we decided that we liked the size of our mirrors and really didn’t want to spend that much to swap them out (we have three bathrooms, so times everything by three). So hubby and I decided to try our own DIY builder grade mirror makeover. These mirrors ended up costing us just over $65 each, which is a far cry from $200+. Had we shopped around for sales, we easily could have kept it under $50 per mirror. It will also depend on the kind of trim/baseboard you want to use. 

    This is a super straightforward DIY project. The materials you will need include:
    – PL Construction Adhesive
    – Assortment of various pre-fabricated baseboard and trim moldings
    – Miter saw
    – Paint

    DIY Builder Grade Mirror MakeoverSo from the very beginning of this, I will admit that we did one thing wrong! We waited until after the frame was in place and set to paint it. What we didn’t factor in would be the back, unpainted side of the frame reflecting on the mirror. It’s not a huge deal and most people would probably never notice it, but I notice it. 

    Step One: I’m going to say paint frame, both back and front. You will likely need to touch up the front of the frame once it’s been set in place. 
    DIY Builder Grade Mirror Makeover

    Step Two: Measure and cut frame pieces. Also, cut smaller pieces that will act as a stand for the frame to sit on while drying. We didn’t do this for our first mirror and the whole frame started slidding. I will add here that you will also need to remove the “hooks” that are on the top and bottom of the mirror, if your mirror has them. Luckily for us, ours weren’t actually holding the mirror in place, they were just placed there (an oversight that I actually appreciated). 

    DIY Builder Grade Mirror Makeover

    Step Three: Starting with the bottom of the frame, put a good amount of PL adhesive on the back of the frame and set into place. Wait until this piece has somewhat set in place before continuing on. 

    DIY Builder Grade Mirror MakeoverDIY Builder Grade Mirror Makeover

    Step Four: Adhere the side pieces, resting them on the bottom piece.
    DIY Builder Grade Mirror Makeover

    Step Five: Adhere the top pieces. This will take a good 24 hours to set into place. Once set, remove small pieces that were holding it place. DIY Builder Grade Mirror MakeoverStep Six: Finishing by touching up paint and enjoy your beautiful new mirror!

    I realize I haven’t featured this bathroom yet (will do so coming up) but this is where I took the best step-by-step pictures. Below is what the before and after look like in our master bathroom, which I shared all about here.

    DIY Builder Grade Mirror Makeover

    DIY Builder Grade Mirror Makeover There is a super simple DIY mirror makeover. It’s crazy what a difference this makes to your space by adding a simple frame to those basic mirrors. If you or your partner can cut the pieces of baseboard/trim, this is a fairly simple project that you can definitely attempt! 

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