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    Spa Themed Birthday Party {Guest Reader Post}

    Spa Birthday Party

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    Spa Birthday Party

    We are excited to bring you our second edition of our guest reader posts! This reader is a dear friend of mine, who has been a supporter of this blog since day one. This girl knows what it means to be a true friend and I often laugh because she’s one of the very few people I still talk to on the phone (like really, who does that anymore?!) 

    Guest Reader Post

    I absolutely love this idea of a spa birthday party! The birthday girl was turning eight and so this was just the perfect theme. And you know me, I absolutely love when all the little details are tended too…like PINK chocolate fountain! I mean, come on!

    Spa Birthday Party

    Here’s a recap of the details of the party plus a few tips from my friend Leah:

    This spa themed party was super fun to do. I was helping a friend with his daughters birthday and I wanted it to be incredibly special for her! Pinterest parties are always so fun but doing them with a budget can be pretty tricky at times. But this is something I have learned to master being on a single moms budget!! Our goal was to do this amazing spa party under budget and we succeeded.

    Spa Birthday Party

    A lot of things were homemade or found at the dollar store. My extremely talented friend Pam helped with all of the decor and creating the party details! She has a gift for this sort of thing.

    Spa Birthday Party

    The key with parties is to always start with a theme then choose colors and the rest just seems to fall into place. With this party we wanted to keep it bright and fun! There were a ton of girls so we needed to make sure we kept them busy so what better way than to DIY craft. We glammed up and decorated hangers so they could take it home for a special item of clothing at home. We also knew we would need more fun ideas so we set up a spa table and did all the girls nails! It was a house full of pretty excited little girls!

    Spa Birthday Party

    For the food we stuck with finger foods that went with the theme and/or color. It always makes for pretty pics. One thing I have learned to save money is to do a party just after lunch sometime in the afternoon. This way you can get away with just serving snacks rather than a full meal, because that’s when things can start to get expensive. 

    Spa Birthday Party

    This party was a blast to do and I know one little girl who was beyond happy that day and just to see her smile was all worth it. 

    Thank you Leah, for sharing this amazing party with us all! With so many beautiful details, we hope you’ve been inspired for your next big event. It doesn’t take much to turn your average party into something fabulous with just a little creativity and attention to detail. 

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    Love & Blessings,





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